Where To Buy Cheap OSRS Gold?


OSRS gold is the most important item in the Old School RuneScape game. With it, you can buy any items, potions, weapons, or equipment you will need to continue with your RuneScape journey and improve your skills.

There was a time where you can buy gold from eBay or gaming forums, but those are not viable options anymore since they sell expensive OSRS gold, and takes some time before you can receive your ordered gold.

So where can you buy cheap osrs gold? We highly suggest using legit third-party stores, often referred to as RuneScape gold sites.

There are dozens of RuneScape gold sites that you could choose from but if you’re looking to get the cheapest OSRS gold without getting scammed, you have to consider the following factors.

The Site’s History

Fake RS gold sites are a big problem for us, RuneScape players, especially for those people buying OSRS gold for the first time. Some sites are now imitating legit ones by simply copying their whole site, but once you place your order, you won’t be receiving any gold your way.

One proven way to determine if a site is trustworthy or not is by checking their history. You can use a website like Wayback Machine to determine if you’re on the right site. Once you copy and paste the domain name on Wayback Machine, it will show you the archived pages for that specific domain name. A big red flag will be if there are no archive pages for that RuneScape gold site. They may be just new and you might be better off going with a website with more years in the industry.

Gold Source

What’s good with getting the cheapest OSRS gold when you won’t be able to use it in the game? OSRS gold can be farmed in hundreds of different ways, but what you want to avoid is buying gold that was farmed through illegal means. These are often from Chinese or South American gold sellers who use bots to increase their gold cache quickly.

Buying gold from these sources can result in your account getting banned so be careful falling for these “cheap” OSRS gold sellers.

Customer Reviews

The best way to determine if an OSRS gold site is worth your time and money is by checking the reviews posted by their past customers on third-party review sites. It’s a known fact that disgruntled customers often leave reviews to warn other customers and this is true with the RuneScape gold industry. If you’re not sure if a site is legit or not, it’s best to search for the site’s name on Google and add the word “reviews” at the end of it. You should be able to see various review sites there like Trustpilot and Reviews.io.

Always buy your OSRS gold from a trusted source, it’s difficult for RuneScape gold shops to scam you since this will hurt their business if they do so. It’s also best to check the reviews and find out the source of the gold you’re buying to prevent your account from being banned by Jagex.

We hope this guide of ours on where to buy cheap OSRS gold helped you and we wish you luck on your OSRS journey!

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