Browser Strategy Games – eDominations

Only a few games offer the thrill and excitement that you will get when playing a real-life simulated Indie game. And eDominations tops the list of the real-life simulation game category.

Our attention was drawn to eDominations after reading the reviews from other players. We decided to give it a try, and now we are hooked.

The development strategy and features of the game are targeted at helping all players to derive true happiness and satisfaction. You can become anyone in the game; all you need to do is develop and follow your strategy.

Browser Strategy Games are For Everyone

We discovered that the high level of satisfaction that many players have expressed after playing eDominations could be attributed to the support from the development team. Also, older players are always on-hand to help new players to develop their character and strategy.

You can choose to adopt a strategy that will eventually see your character in the game become a President, high-ranking military officer, top athlete, a highly successful musician, or a wealthy entrepreneur.

Also, we have to commend the communication system that has been adapted for all players. It is more interactive, giving players a realistic experience in the amazing world they are creating.

Flexible Theme Selections

It all depends on your preferences. New players are given the option to select from a list of 78 countries, which marks the origins of the player’s character.

The unfolding events match the selections a player makes throughout the game, which also determines the outcomes. For example, if you would like to develop a character that is physically fit and successful as an athlete, you would need to create a daily regimen that involves physical training, just like it is in real life.

Game Play

All players start at the same level, with a basic player profile. Next, players have a goal to secure 12 achievements every day. However, goals can be spread out over a period of one month, which is convenient for busy players.

New players will find all the information they need by viewing the tutorials, during gameplay. Also, lots of freebies are up for grabs; these are free stuff that players can leverage to get ahead in the game.

Events are frequently launched for all players. These events deliver more benefits over time, so it is important to participate.

Gaming Platform

The eDominations strategy game is currently available to all Android users. The game can be played on smartphones and tablets that run on the Android Operating System. There are 33 language translations, which means that more people can enjoy the game.

We are happy that the developers of eDominations have resolved to be transparent about the game and long-term plans. While we know that the demands from players are constant, the team management has made it possible for us to understand the internal processes that have been implemented to make the eDominations browser strategy game so compelling.

For now, we will continue to enjoy the game, while waiting for the promises that will soon be revealed to all players.

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