The Perfect Way to Get Started in Rust

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Getting Rust computer station codes can be one of the ultimate ways of success in Rust. When you know the camera codes, you can watch the live views of those cameras. This way, you can explore many areas and what are all the things out there necessary for your survival.

However, if you are a beginner and just starting with Rust, you may not have any clue to get started. In the beginning, you are naked and provided only with a torch to initialize your survival. You need to find food quickly and all the resources before you waste everything gets out of stock or over.

Here are the top tips to get started with Rust, so you don’t feel lost anymore.

Right Server Selection is a Must.

While playing the game, server selection might seem like a little thing; however, it can make a huge difference in your gameplay. There are many popular servers, but these are often full of experienced players; hence you don’t stand a chance there. If you choose these servers, you go there only to respawn again and again and end up getting frustrated.

So start your game by clicking the Play option and then go to Community Servers. Here type something like Beginner or PvE. You will then get a list of beginner-friendly servers; choose any of these and start playing.

Create Your Sleeping Bag

Once you have chosen the server, the next step is to create a sleeping bag. What this does is every time you respawn, you end up in your sleeping bag instead of being at the beach and then covering the long distance to get to a suitable location.

For this, you need to gather 30 clothes that can be obtained from hemp plants having 10 stacks, so you need to find 3 of these plants.

Collect More Wood and Stones

Being a beginner, you should create more wood and stones. That is why when you are done creating the respawn point, start collecting stone and wood. Hit the trees with your Rock, and this will get you your first custom tools: Hatchet and Pickaxe. 

To make the process faster, hit the red X, which you will see on a tree. This reduces the wood-producing time and gets you more wood faster.

You would need a lot of wood to get started. You will build your first base only if you have wood. You can create the following things with wood:

Building plan

Building foundation


Wooden door

Wooden lock


Storage box

Base Location Matters: Choose it Wisely.

Always remember that you are there in the game to achieve more things in less time and not for hanging around if you want to be a successful Rust player. You should look for a location that is hidden and near to resources. Therefore, you won’t have to run much to collect the resources every time. The more you run, the more risk is there to get killed.

The best place to create a spot in a forest where you would get plenty of wood. Don’t go for the desert and snowy areas as these are not suitable places for the players without clothes.

Use Double Doors for Better Protection.

It happens when you are roaming somewhere and meet a more equipped player. This is the time when you prefer to run back to your base. However, by running back, you only give the player your address. As a result, the player can get all your stashed material.

That is why you should create an airlock as soon as possible. Build two rooms and store all your stuff in the last room. This way, even if the enemy gets through the first door, he won’t be able to unlock the door with the stored things.

Do Not Light Fire at Night.

If you do this, you are inviting others to make a visit which is a suicidal step in Rust. Do not walk around with a torch. The solution is to cook enough food in the daytime, so you don’t have to burn the stove at night. If you have to cook, then do it far away from your base in a hidden place.

Also, always watch out for radiation! Use proper clothing to be safe from the effect.

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