How to Compress 4K Video Without Losing Quality

compress 4k video

he success of the GoPro sports camera has helped democratize the 4K video format. Apart from these innumerable qualities, this digital image format is very demanding for storage space. In addition, some computers and smartphones have difficulty playing this type of video. To avoid this interference, we present a method for you to compress your 4K video.

Why Compress Video? Why Do You Need to Do That?

The 4K format also called UHD (Ultra High Definition) allows you to get images of clarity and realism like never before. The resolution that borders 8 million pixels (only 2 million for HD) makes it possible to distinguish many details.

Unfortunately, quality has a price. Video files obtained with a 4K camera are very large. For example, one minute of video made with an iPhone in 4K (30 fps) weighs around 375MB compared to only 130MB for the same video in Full HD (1080p).

Therefore you will need almost 24 GB of disk space to store one hour of film. If you are accustomed to creating video content on a regular basis, you are likely to run out of storage space on your smartphone or camera. Then it will be necessary to invest in an SD card.

Coupled with this are problems associated with sharing multimedia content. Video weight is too large to be sent by email. Likewise, if you plan to send movies to YouTube or social media, the upload time might be very long. Without a very fast fiber-optic internet connection, sharing videos can take you several hours. Also keep in mind that most platforms like Facebook have video size restrictions.

Another disadvantage of this technology lies in the fact that reading Ultra High Definition content requires muscular configuration. Unfortunately, some devices (smartphones or old computers) do not have the resources to read 4K files.

Reduce 4K file size

How to compress a video without quality loss? For your info, recording in 4K requires a lot of memory. The easiest way to easily share multimedia content is to compress video files. You will lose a little resolution but if the file is not intended to be read on a compatible 4K screen, the difference will not be visible to the eye.

There are various tools on the internet that are capable of performing this type of task. If you are looking for great video processing software, I suggest you try UniConverter. This is one of the best video converters on Windows and Mac.

The very intuitive interface makes it possible to reduce the size of 4K video files, especially those intended for smartphones without significant loss of quality. Note that processing software supports modules dedicated to video coding integrated on the processor chip (GPU).

This significantly speeds up the speed of video compression while eliminating the main processor from complex calculations. Most graphics chipsets integrated into computers benefit from hardware acceleration.

reducing the file size of 4k video

Convert 4K Videos to 1080p

In addition to video compression, this software also supports common video editing operations such as cutting, cutting, or combining sequences, and adding subtitles. For videos taken from GoPro or other 4K cameras, you can convert your files with the H.265 codec, also called MP4 HEVC. This will allow you to maintain excellent video quality while drastically reducing file sizes. For comparison, our video file in 4K of ten seconds weighs a little more than 140MB. After the compression ends, the size of our video does not exceed 4MB. I let you judge the difference.

video converter ultimate

The Steps

Step 1: Launch the program. You will see an interface. Click + Add Files to add videos you want to compress.

Step 2: Select an output format. Click the drop-down button on the Target bar. Click Video Tab and choose the output format. You can also manage the resolution.

Step 3: Under the Target bar you will find the compress icon. Click the Preview button to check the compressed effect (usually for 20 seconds).
Step 4: Click OK to confirm the compression process. That’s all!

Hopefully this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading!

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