Camera Stabilizer Gimbal: Top 4 Features to Check Out

Camera stabilizer gimbal

There are always new device releases on the market aimed to ease the work of those enjoying both photography and videography. And similar to photography, videography needs a lot of skills concerning how to achieve the smoothest video. Still, no matter if you are a beginner trying to improve his coordination skills or a professional that aims to move around with ease, there are several specially designed equipment that is meant to ease the life of any videographer. 

A camera stabilizer gimbal represents the most fashionable gear for a videographer. It is excellent for stabilizing a video and prevent shakes or issues on video transitions. Overall, this device was created to allow you to achieve steady shots with little to no effort. And if you are not convinced you need this device, here are the top advantages of using a gimbal. 

Advantages of Using a Handheld Camera Stabilizer for Video Projects

#1 Outstanding stabilizing quality

The main reason why people opt for using a gimbal is its ability to provide outstanding stabilization features to any video footage. Both shakes and vibrations are kept at a minimum, which enables you to record high motion video without problems.

#2 Flexible gear

Even though a gimbal might seem quite robust, it is, in fact, a piece of lightweight, flexible, and user-friendly equipment. Some gimbals are wearable, which offer extra comfort and adaptability for you to complete any type of project.

#3 Great three-axis system

Well, the main feature that makes videographers opt for a gimbal is the top-notch three-axis system. This is a tech that permits you to support the camera in the most stable position, which in turn provides exceptional stabilization for videos. As such, using a gimbal is the go-to solution for impressive smooth footage.

#4 Reliable gear

Most camera stabilizer gimbals are designed to form qualitative and durable materials, which resist to a lot of wear and tear. Thus, it is a piece of gear on which you can rely, and it can turn out to be a long-term investment. 

What is the Best DSLR Camera Gimbal Today?

We took our time and tested several gimbals from different providers. They range from affordable to expensive gears, but what we looked for was the features and overall quality of video footage. As such, we identified the best choice you can make, and we recommend you try the camera stabilizer gimbal available at Zhiyun.

It was quite fun and enjoyable to test and try the WEEBILL-S, which turn out to be extraordinarily qualitative and professional. The core feature that caught our attention was its ability to support both electronic focus control and mechanical focus control. And it is all done via a user-friendly control wheel. Besides, this gimbal comes with interchangeable batteries that permit 14-hour usage, which is quite great if you are planning to shoot an entire day. Other features that recommend this handheld camera stabilizer as the best on the market include:

  • Pro settings for cinematic features, including Panorama, Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Long Exposure timelapse via XY Play;
  • Compatibility with a wide array of accessories, including monopod, servo zoom motors, or image transmission system;
  • Livestream features via the simple connection to up to three devices at a time;
  • Wireless remote controller;
  • Modular design, user-friendly approach, and ease of usage;
  • HD image features, 30FPS real-time monitoring, and 100m transmission distance. 

An excellent camera stabilizer gimbal can make your photography much easier. Now, go get one to record every memorable moment of you life!

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