7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Mattress

Are you thinking about getting a bed? If you are, then you should discern this decision well. Your furniture is your best friend, such as your mattress is at home. This is where you take refuge during your most stressful days, and this is your safe space. This is your companion during the darkest and happiest days.

Because of its significant impact on a person’s life, you should research the bed that is best for you or your needs. Like your soulmate, it should match your preferences, and it should feel like home.

What are the things you should consider when buying a mattress? If you are getting a new foam, feel its quirks. It should be of good quality. It should be the most comfortable thing because that is where you rejuvenate your energy. How would you find a mattress that suits your lifestyle, is comfortable and has good quality?

Do You Prefer Soft Or Hard?

People have preferences on how soft their beds should be. Some would prefer very soft beds as that suits their needs and that is what makes them comfortable. If this is the case, the best choice you can have is pure memory foam. This is the bed for side sleepers as it contours the body, but it is not the best for stomach and back sleepers. This is also not ideal for couples and plus-size bodies.

For those who are stomach sleepers, memory foam would sink the weight of your body, but firmer foams such as latex can even the body weight. This would also be the case for those who have a heavier body. A soft cushion that sinks will not help with the body pain of stomach sleepers, and it would also make it harder for heavyweights to wake up. Back sleepers can benefit from firm foam, too, as compared to soft foams.

Latex and innerspring are the best mattresses that are considered firm foams. However, there are medium-firm or soft foams somewhere in the middle of cushiony and rigid, hybrid foams and polyfoam.

Are You Uncomfortable With Odours?

Particular mattresses can emit odours such as memory foams and latex. You can also buy a hybrid foam. However, if you want a bed that smells good, then opt for organic mattresses. You can also add green tea extract to your mattress to help with the smell.

Are You Acidic?

If you suffer from stress a lot, sometimes it manifests through your body turning acidic. You’ll feel this with body pains, lower abdominal pain, stomach pain, or GERD, which is also called “heartburn.”

If you think you are acidic, it is not only minimizing your coffee intake that would help alleviate your acidity. Your type of mattress can intensify your body acid levels too.

The best mattress for those who are acidic is adjustable beds. It would help if you raised your head’s sleeping position to help with your acidities, such as heartburn and breathing. Medium-firm beds are also recommended, such as hybrid foams. You cannot go too soft or too hard if you are acidic.

Do You Use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils can be helpful to relieve stress, and they can also help with your acidity before sleeping. However, it can be harmful to certain types of mattresses, such as memory foam material. It can damage this kind of foam, and it will affect its durability. For users of essential oils, you can explore the option of latex and organic mattresses.

Are You Concerned With Saving The Mother Earth

Environmental activism is one of the trends nowadays. People want to be sustainable, and they want to lessen their carbon footprint as much as possible. To be more environmentally savvy, you can try to thrift. However, this is not recommended for mattresses. Mattresses become damaged as they age.

Instead of buying a secondhand mattress, there are sustainable choices such as natural latex made from rubber trees or organic mattresses.

Do You Loathe Having Germs Under Your Bed?

Pests can be a huge problem when it comes to mattresses. These pests can be bed bugs, dust mites, or microscopic germs. Pests can make your sleep uncomfortable with random bites that come from nowhere when waking up. It could’ve been the reason why you bought a new mattress.

The best mattress for those who want to avoid germs and pests living inside your bed, pure memory foam is not habitable to these mentioned germs. Also, you can opt for those mattresses that have a “hypoallergenic” label on them.

Do You Want Something That Will Cool Your Body?

Suppose you want something that will cool the body, buy foams infused with cooling gel. These infused foams can also aid those mattresses that trap heat like memory foam.


People are unique and have different body needs. They are all perfect in their ways. However, no matter how perfect a thing is for you, not everything is an ideal match. There are different mattresses for different people.

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