Online Mattress Shopping Guide: 5 Helpful Tips for a Homeowner

In a situation where it’s nerve-wracking to go outside, online shopping is the solution to satisfy one’s needs. Online shopping has become prominent over the years, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ve probably received a parcel or two from Amazon. Why not do the same for your mattress? 

We get it; shopping for a mattress in 2021 is anything but trivial, especially when you add in the factor that you’re buying from a shop online. You can’t see your bed until it is delivered to your home. Although, once you get to move past this concern, you’ll realize the many benefits of shopping for a mattress online. 

The benefits of purchasing a bed online include getting better prices, numerous options, more extended trial periods, and there’s no need to deal with a salesperson physically. If you’ve decided to take your mattress needs online, below are five helpful tips that will surely help you in your mattress buying journey!

Get to know the different types of mattresses.

  • Innerspring – As mentioned above, these mattresses constitute metal springs that serve as their support. It provides its users a bouncy effect, and it retains less heat.
  • Memory Foam – These may be the best mattresses for you and your family if you have trouble with back and neck pain. It contours to one’s body, offering support and comfort at the same time. 
  • Hybrid – these are known for being the best of two worlds. It contains an innerspring support system and memory foam, which grants you the softness but durability of an innerspring mattress.
  • Air bed – Do you share a bed with another person and have conflicting mattress preferences? An air bed where you can change the bed’s firmness level will make the environment less tense. You won’t have to fight with your partner with this bed because you can easily change the firmness level to your liking.

Consider visiting a brick-and-mortar store beforehand. 

A mattress is considered a significant purchase; as such, like any major purchase, research is a must! You may be thinking that you’re already going to shop online; why must you bother visiting an in-store? Well, even by spending at least ten minutes inside a brick-and-mortar store, you can survey the different kinds of mattresses that may suit you. Also, you can compare the prices in-store and online. 

Be aware of the language used by mattress marketing experts.

In order to sell products or services, businesses will add descriptions that will surely entice customers to visit their stores and buy something. Such flowery descriptions do not equate to a high-quality mattress. You can read more about marketing language when researching online to guard yourself against being swayed by such words.

To illustrate, a company might say that they have much more coils in their beds. Although, this does not mean that having numerous coils on an innerspring bed will make you comfortable. In an innerspring mattress, comfortability and durability do not only rely on springs. 

Spending that extra money on a gel layer may be unnecessary.

Many say that having a gel layer to a mattress makes the bed cool, although this is not always the case. Of course, a gel layer could help, but there are instances where there is just minimal difference.

Additionally, since you’re shopping through the Internet, you wouldn’t be able to feel the gel yourself. You cannot investigate if the gel does have an impact on the bed’s coolness. Thus, it’s better to opt for a type of mattress that naturally does not trap heat. You may even save the money you allotted for the bed by doing this. 

Be sure to ask these two queries.

When you’re uncertain of something, don’t be afraid to ask – this does not only apply when buying a mattress but for any purchase. It’s stressful to be stuck with a product that you’re not entirely happy with. As such, ask the customer service about their return policies and if they’re going to take away your previous bed.

The first question is essential when shopping online. It is because if you’re not happy with your bed, with a return policy, you can always return it and choose a different one that might suit you better. Also, there are companies wherein they will visit your home and return the bed for you. Doesn’t shopping online sound better than shopping in-store?

With the purchase of a new mattress, you’ll also have to consider what you will do with your former bed. When shopping in-store, you can quickly negotiate with the company to arrange a drop-off or a pick-up. You may not see this option when purchasing online, so ask the customer service about this instead. It’s much better to be upfront with your concerns than to let shyness get the best of you.


Are you still on the fence about buying a mattress online? Then consider reading reviews and testimonials by fellow customers made online. Shopping for a bed online is nothing new – people have been doing this before the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, doing so now would be helpful for you and your family to be safe from the risk of shopping for a mattress in-store.

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