10 New Video Ideas to Boost Your TikTok Fan Base

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If you want to be famous on TikTok then you need to be smart and creative and so your videos should be. We all know that TikTok is all about short and exciting videos its users create and share with the world. Then what makes some people crawl up very fast and gain tons of followers in just a short amount of time?

That’s exactly where your smartness and creativity come in!

Don’t worry if you have just stepped into the world of TikTok. Here are 10 new video ideas to boost your TikTok fan base that might be the best for you to improve and enhance your TikTok content for greater followers:

  1. Focus on Branded Hashtag Videos

Branded hashtags are not just fan, they give real and instant results that might go above and beyond your expectations. Today most of the social media experts specifically those who focus on TikTok suggest branded hashtags videos to be one of the most engaging videos and have the capability to go viral in no time.

  1. Share an Educational & Informative Video

The second easiest yet intelligent TikTok video idea is to come up with an educational and informative short video. The sky is the limit; you can look for anything that people within your niche might be looking for or would love to dive in further if someone breaks the silence. Don’t miss this chance, give it a try and see how it works.

  1. Join Hands with An Influencer Within Your Niche

TikTok influencers have got a lot to deal with its rapid growth and progression across the world. There is nothing better than reaching out to a TikTok influencer within your niche and join hands for a couple of videos. You have no idea at all about how it goes viral.

  1. Don’t Forget Special Occasions and Holidays

Special Occasions and Holidays are big bonuses. It’s high time when people have got a lot of time to spend with their friends, family, and relatives. And that’s exactly where social media comes in. If it’s a special occasion or a holiday, why not come up with an exclusive short video regarding the day. It works!

  1. Come Up with An Easy, Quick, And Helpful Tutorial

It’s quite a bit different from making an informative and educational video but within a couple of tries, you will easily grasp the idea and the elements required to do so. There are countless things that are done in multiple phases or require step by step progress. From digital to conventional inventions, you can make a how-to video about let say “make a viral TikTok Video”. If you can spot your audiences discrete needs than you are sure to strike them with great impact with these how-to videos.

  1. Create Something Interesting from Current Affairs

Current affairs are very important not only because these are the most influential issues but they get the most of social media target audiences. And that’s exactly the opportunity for you to come in and grab some attention.

  1. Become Part of Something Viral

You can always become part of something that’s already going viral. It sounds pretty simple but it might not be an easy task. Let’s say if you had to travel for two or three days to meet up the synergy and action where you can become part. Don’t worry, you will always find a lot of other viral elements that won’t require you to travel.

  1. Don’t Forget the Importance of Branded Filters

Believe it or not, by using branded filters in your videos, you can easily add an exclusive value-addition to your content. Now it won’t just represent you, it will always gain some sort of brand engagement from the audience and they might easily become interested in following you for more interesting and exciting content.

  1. Through Away A Contest

It is not one of the best ideas but in many cases, it works. Throwing away a contest is something that might be capable of instantly igniting your target audience and encouraging them to engage with your content. It has helped many and might be the perfect solution for you to give an instant boost to your TikTok fan base.

  1. Bring Something That Adds Value to Society

Last but not least, you can always think, care, and act for your society. Countless similar ideas can play a vital role in not only engaging your audience instantly but also in keeping them strongly engaged in the future as well. Belive it or not but these top 10 TikTok video ideas are far more better than looking for cheap TikTok likes and other wys to boost your fanbase.

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