Why You Should Study Medicine in Italy

Why You Should Study Medicine in Italy

Medicine is a reputable course to study in any part of the world, but why do you think students often look forward to studying medicine in Italy? As a Medical study graduating with good grades from any medical school in the world, your opportunities are endless. In spite of this general prestige that medicine has all over the world, there are still some factors that make Italian medical schools most preferred.

Italy being home to the best intellectuals that the world has ever seen has made her a fountain of knowledge that students from all over the world wish to drink from. Besides this, Italy has a good learning environment that makes complex principles as simple as arithmetic. All these combined together always intrigue student to come to study medicine in Italy.

Having completed my medical degree in an Italian medical school, I know exactly what it’s like to study medicine in Italy. And right here, I will be sharing all you need to know about studying medicine in Italy.

What are the Tuition Fees?

Italian medical schools are partially government owned. This special way of running their varsities makes the school fees cheaper than those in other countries, both in Europe and outside Europe. The average tuition fees for an Italian Medical school is around 400-4000€ /year. Although, there are some expensive medical schools in the bigger cities which is usually in the Northern part of Italy.

What Living Expenses Can I Expect?

The living expenses of studying medicine in Italy comprises of rent for housing, transportation, books, food and money for fun activities. The prices of these living expenses depend on the part of Italy that you reside. However, a monthly budget of about 500 – 1200€ should cover all your living expenses. Of course, living expenses will vary from person to person, and will very much depend on your spending habits. If you are careful and spend only when required, you can limit your expenses considerably.

Opportunity To Finance Yourself While Studying Medicine In Italy

The good thing about studying in an Italian medical school is the opportunity to finance yourself while still studying. If you choose to study medicine in Italy, your family economic background does not really matter. There several opportunities which you can use to finance yourself while studying medicine in Italy. You could either get a scholarship, go for a loan or get a part-time job. There are many ways to do this, so do your research, and you can leave your studies with little to no debt.

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