Why Title IX Should be Treated with Caution in New Jersey?

Img Source - Governors State University

Unlike in high schools where the repercussions of academic misconduct might be writing lines, detentions, or worst come calling up your parents, in universities and med schools, the results of misconduct, in any of its forms, can be very severe. Some of the universities have very stringent rules for any form of misconduct, harassment, or cheating cases.

The most prominent law that prevents sexual harassment or violence against its students in universities around the US is Title IX (more info). So it is only natural that with so many universities in and around New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania there is a need for a reputed Title IX lawyer. Just like any other law or rule that was intended to bring good but due to different dynamics tend to be misused by some people, Title IX is so being wrongly accused.

There can be many reasons for wrongly accusing a student of Title IX, of which some of the most common are listed below:

  • Jealousy between students
  • Unhealthy competitive atmosphere leading to personal vengeance
  • The personal grudge of professors against students or vice versa
  • Misunderstanding or misinformation

One main problem of Title IX cases that make them distinctively stand out from other cases is the category into which this law should be put. Title IX is not a criminal defense case nor an administrative-legislative rule that should be fought in the court of law. It has elements of both but does not fall under the category of both.

Most of the Title IX cases do not have strong proof or evidence and are mostly based on word of mouth. This has both advantages and disadvantages. In cases of the wrong accusation or false allegation of sexual assault, the lack of evidence can be used in favor of the accused to acquit him of charges. But the same is a downside for the complainant, as it will mean no justice served.

Due to the complex nature of Title IX cases, it is crucial that you consult an experienced student appeal lawyer to represent your case before the school authority court. Only an experienced lawyer with enough practice can steer your case clear of any wrongful acquaintance and give your name a clean sheet.

In short, there are so many advantages to taking legal assistance from a reputed attorney in defending your Title IX case to make sure your education is not affected and your future is not tainted.

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