Why Dimming Is Important for A Smart Building?

smart building

In modern life today, we are paying more attention to aesthetics and efficiency than a simple shelter. Meanwhile we also care more about the environment, we do not want to just have a nice building while ignoring the energy-saving part.

KNX Dimming actuators provide us a way to have lights dimmed, which primarily means the ability to create an ambiance with nice lighting effect. Often the lighting effect becomes softer by using dimming actuator, which makes our room less brightness polluted and more comfortable.

Just with the flick of a switch, we can simply dim up or down the brightness level of a light as we pleased, what’s more, by set a dimming level of lights during the date time we can even save energy.

Dimming Actuators for Smart Building

A smart building refers to any structure which is automated and controlled by sensors or other equipment which can make our life more comfortable, functions including lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, security etc., are main factors of a smart building. By using of dimming actuators and all these equipment,  a smart building is able to collect data and adapt to the users’ habits, which means our living environment can be smarter.

Dimming actuators make smart buildings more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. When you are living in a smart building and are increasingly aware of more eco-friendly means to save energy, a dimming actuator can help considerably.

Dimming is Essential for a Smart Building


Dimming helps in highlighting the specific decorative items of a building, such as artwork or sculptures. It allows different levels of brightness to be set for a room that draws attention in an impressive way.


Dimmable lights are great for creating the right mood lighting. Whether for game nights, dinner, party or movie nights, dimming helps create a perfect ambiance for every occasion.

No Harsh Light

With dimming lights, there is soft light that is radiated instead of harsh white light. This psychologically helps you sleep better at night. (also works great for getting the right photos for Instagram!)

Save Power

Light dimmers significantly save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulb, which allows lights to operate with lower power outputs when it’s unnecessary to be so bright, this can also extend the lifespan of your bulbs.

A smart building uses dimming actuators to create the right mood and to save energy. There are various actuators available that can be used in the market, while the GVS KNX Dimming Actuator is definitely one of our favorites.

Our Recommendation: KNX Dimming Actuator, 1/2/4 from GVS

Ease of Installation and Flicker-Free

With this Dimming Actuator series 1/2/4 from GVS – professional smart building comany, you can control the lighting to create an effect which works for you, you have the power to create an ambiance according to what you feel. It works easily and is flicker-free.


The outputs can be activated manually, and several outputs can be wired parallelly with the dimming actuator. The output power can also be increased with the help of additional outputs. This allows for the lighting to be controlled manually as well as automatically, according to the requirements at the time.


There is enhanced protection from short-circuits, and excess temperature as well as the idle state in the dimming actuator.

Transitional Dimming

In the software, various dimming curves are stored. These correct the dimming responses accordingly, depending on the lamp used. This provides infinite transitional dimming while using the actuator.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, The other important device KNX/Dali Gateway is also a perfect choice for professional dimming for Dali lighting system, especially nowadays the big public constructions are always equipped with Dali lighting system, this gate way makes it possible to use both the flexibility of KNX control and the powerful lighting functions Dali system brings.


Dimmers can create the right mood and ambiance, and enhance your home décor, while decreasing energy use and extending light bulb longevity. After comprehensive comparison of different dimming actuators, we believe that we have found an actuator that suits all our requirements.

GVS is a China-based company that specializes in smart buildings and provides professional intelligent IoT services for 20 years already. It offers smart building solutions that helps all families to live a smart life, in a smart building by making a home prettier, and contributing to an energy-efficient and cleaner planet.

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