Why Artificial Football Turf Is More Popular Than Natural Turf?

artificial football turf

As artificial football turf emerges as a category, people can find it everywhere including parks, school playground and official sports games venues. However, when it comes to the development and advantages of it, people can hardly answer. Therefore, we’ll walk you through some basic knowledge about it and reasons of its growing popularity.

After obtaining the official approval of FIFA and UEFA, artificial football turf developed into the formal football game venue in 2004. After that, it has been widely adopted by many famous football clubs, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Ajax. At present, artificial football turf is universally placed as the venues of the Football World Cup and other major football competitions in the world.

In fact, the massive and potential market of artificial football turf gives fresh impetus to the development of the industry. There are way more manufacturers that strive to create the best artificial football turf and make a quick buck. Even so, no artificial turf manufacturer is positioned as well as Excellent Turf to benefit and support the expanding market. Established in 2006, Excellent Turf is well-known for its pursuit of top-class artificial football turf with well-selected materials and exquisite techniques. These years, it always embraces the principle of high quality and excellent after-sales services to the fullest. As the brand image gradually improves, this China-based company successfully builds a global business network covering 80 countries and regions.

It says a lot for the success of artificial football turf that so many of its features have stood the test of time. The ever-improving technology fuels the shift toward the type of football turf. Nowadays, natural football turf couldn’t hold a candle to artificial football turf at all. Three aspects are listed as follows.

artificial grass
  • Whether Eco-friendly

As a matter of fact, the complete industrial chain of the artificial football turf includes research and development, along with maintenance and recycling. To be more specific, no matter the fiber, the bottom cloth or the cushion of the disused artificial football turf can be fully recycled. In this case, the use of artificial can be considered environmental-friendly without any pollution. Besides, it is the superior properties and good maintenance that earn artificial football turf a long service life.

  • Safety Issue

According to the research results of a Canada company called FieldTurf, compared with the safety performance of natural football turf, the probability of muscle strain, ligament tear, brain injury and neck injury of athletes engaged in sports on artificial football turf can be significantly reduced. In addition, compared with the natural grass, the anti-vibration performance of the artificial football turf is better. That is one of the reasons why fewer sports injury occurs in artificial turf. Take SD132 artificial football turf from Excellent Turf as an example. Applying top PE from Sabic and DOW, the artificial grass of this product has the diamond design featuring wear resistance and well elasticity. It can not only absorb 65% of vibration during the impact between an athlete and the turf, but also provide an outstanding smoothness for the football movement.

football pitch
  • Maintenance Cost

There is no need to mow or water the artificial football turf, which saves it a lot in the maintenance cost. General speaking, the maintenance cost of artificial football turf involves basically the cost of manpower and the depreciation of equipment. For example, the annual maintenance cost of 8000 square meters of artificial turf is about 5000 US dollars. However, there are many maintenance projects and heavy workload for natural football turf, mainly covering the manpower expenditure, trim expenses, fertilizer and seed purchase, equipment depreciation cost and water rate. In short, the total annual maintenance cost of it is more than 10 times that of artificial football turf.

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