Why a Household Induction Cooker is Not Suitable For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial induction cooktops for restaurant

Do you know the differences between household and commercial induction cooktops? Well, if you are intrigued by this, we are here to offer you in-depth information about the characteristics, applications, and differences between them. Read on to discover out all you need to know about how to create your future commercial kitchen.

How Does an Induction Cooker Function?

Induction cooking is all about heating a cooking pot with the aid of electrical induction, instead of thermal conduction from a flame. The pot must be made of or feature a ferromagnetic metal, like cast iron or stainless steel, which is considered to be one of the most efficient cooking methods because the pan triggers the heat.

What are the Main Characteristics of the Household and Commercial Induction Cooktops?

The commercial induction hobs come with a knob while the household one features touch-screen.

They are considered to be the safest, as they come with a wide array of characteristics, including various protection.

Also, they come with the best induction technology, which will give access to the most suitable magnetic fields for induction stoves.

It is easy to use that such induction stoves are adaptable in terms of voltage, and adaptability to various kitchen’s design. 

What are the differences between household and commercial induction cookers?

#1 Lifetime hours

Household induction stoves are designed with components that usually last up to 2500 hours, or 10 hours per day for around a year. Commercial induction stoves have durable parts intended for commercial use. This is why these induction stoves last longer, and some manufacturers offer an impressive lifespan of 30,000 hours. Therefore, household induction cookers are not recommended for commercial kitchens, as they will surely decrease in performance much faster. 

#2 Configuration

The household induction cooktop comes with a single transistor circuit, while the commercial induction range is designed with a half-bridge circuit. The main distinction between the two is the fact that the half-bridge circuit for the commercial kitchen is meant to handle voltage transients and inconsistent cookware safely. That allows the cook to use the induction stove continuously without interfering with the stove’s performance. On the other hand, the single transistor circuit in a household induction stove comes with similar induction technology, but continuous use for a long time is not allowed. Also, if a household induction stove is used instead of a commercial one, the risk of limiting its lifespan is increased. The circuit structure of a commercial induction cooktop is meant to offer extended hours of continuous usage. This is why it is always best to opt for the suitable commercial kitchen hardware. 

#3 Applications

Usually, household induction cookers feature a single cooking zone, which is convenient for the family but not versatile for commercial use. As one of the major home appliances, these induction cooktops offer to any residential setup ease of cleaning, better cooking opportunities, and a lot in terms of appearance.

Commercial induction cookers come with a sturdier design and a lot of flexible functionalities. Mostly, you can see such induction stoves in restaurants, cantinas, hotels, or any other type of catering business that requires a commercial induction cooktop.

Smabo 6 burners commercial induction cooktop with flexible functionalities

To sum up, it is always best to use commercial induction cookers for commercial kitchens, as they are the safer and most reliable option you have. You can opt for the induction stoves provided by Smabo, one of the most reliable manufacturers of commercial induction cooktops. Tabletop induction deep fryers, double burners tabletop plain commercial induction cooktops, and single burner induction cookers are all available at Smabo. They provide top-class products and excellent customer services. A go-to manufacturer that you can rely on.

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