Where to Order Prescription Sunglasses Online?

Where to Order Prescription Sunglasses Online

At times, your love for sunglasses is deteriorated due to vision disorder as you are forced to wear prescription glasses even in hot sunny day outside; or may be the magnetically attached sun lenses are not handy to convert prescription glass lenses darker.  Prescription sunglasses should be the answer to your prayers so that eyes are blessed with perfect vision and protected from harmful bright sunlight.

As the name suggests, prescription sunglasses combine advantages of both prescription glasses and sunglasses. Undoubtedly, prescription glasses impart clear vision by correcting refractive disorders of eyes, but without any protection in the sun. On the other hand, prescription sunglasses can do both the jobs of correcting eyesight disorder as well as protecting against harmful ultraviolet rays and strong glares.

Prescription Sunglasses Worth It

Prescription sunglasses are house of wonder and are a boon for people with distorted vision issues, as such:

  • Prescription sunglasses consist of tinted lenses which are engineered to bend the light accurately when it enters the eyes so as to compensate for the commonly distorted vision problems viz., Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia. 
  • Tinted Lenses can block 100% of Ultraviolet(UV) Rays, thus, the retina of the eyes is protected against further damaging effects of UV such as cataract, migraine and skin cancer (around the eyes). 
  • A further coating of anti-reflective layer on glass lenses prevent unnecessary glares from entering inside and outside surface of lenses, thereby allowing more light rays to pass through the lens which invariably enhance vision clarity without straining eyes.
  • Ultimately, various instances prove that prescription sunglasses prevail over sunglasses and prescription glasses. Needless to mention, if at the beach or while driving when excessive glare and harsh UV rays are at their peak, it becomes difficult for highly powered prescription glass user to switch to sunglasses instead as they will experience blurry and distorted vision.  But prescription sunglasses alone can let them drive or enjoy beach sports without having to bother about sun or vision.
  • Contact lenses fail to shield eyes against wind, beach water, dust, insects etc. leaving user to end up developing any eye infection.

How to get a prescription for sunglasses?

Eye care professional or medical practitioner must conduct a comprehensive eye examination for devising a detailed prescription mentioning specific power strength of each eye lens. Farsightedness (difficulty in reading or when objects up close appear blur) is corrected by convex shaped magnifying power lens having strength +0.75 diopters minimum; likewise Nearsightedness (inability to view distant) is corrected by concave shaped power lens having -0.75 Diopters or above strength. Prescription sunglass lenses could be Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive.

How to get prescription sunglasses?

Finest quality frame accompanying tinted lenses should be considered effectively as every colour denotes a unique purpose. For reference, grey lenses are good for sunny and cloudy day, brown works well in less brightness, black are feasible while driving and blue is perfect for sports. As compared to thick, prone to effortlessly scratched glasses lens, better quality material in Polycarbonate, Trivex And High Index Plastic lenses are highly popular due to being lighter in weight, thinner and scratch resistance properties.

Prescription sunglasses can be purchased from Specscart at budget-friendly price by selecting a frame and uploading prescription online for express delivery.


Prescription sunglasses are highly recommended to people with refractive errors when in sun, driving, playing outdoors or at beach to derive the maximum benefit from single eyewear instead of two eyeglasses while at the same time saving cost of buying two separate pairs, giving freedom from switching between two glasses.

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