Where Termites Do Come From & How Do They Get In?

Termites are small and generally live under your house while enjoying the wood in your home. They live in colonies and there can be more than one colony on your property. It’s worth noting that an average-sized termite colony can consume six inches of 2×4 wood in just five months (more details). That can cause serious structural issues.

Unfortunately, termites are relatively small and tend to avoid contact with humans. They also prefer moving around at night. In short, they can live in your house for a long time before you realize they are there. It’s why you should contact your local pest control specialists and get them to conduct a pest inspection. Check out here to find the best one locally.

What Attracts Termites 

Termites eat wood. They prefer wood that is already starting to rot which is why firewood in the garden, fallen branches, and other decaying materials are particularly attractive to them. If you have these things in your garden then you are likely to have termites in the vicinity. 

When you have rotting wood in your yard and it’s close to your home then the termites will inevitably see what your home has to offer. In short, you’re inviting them in by making your yard an attractive place for them.

The best way to avoid this is to keep your yard tidy and any wood piles as far away as possible. 

How Termites Get In

Termites are small and can squeeze through almost any gap. That makes any crack in your wall a possible entry point for the termites and something that you need to be wary of. The best way to prevent this from happening is to check your walls and fill in all gaps and cracks. 

However, while this presents an easy way in, it’s not the preferred option for termites. These pests actually need damp climates to survive. 

Termites prefer to enter into the area under your house through the soil. This allows them to stay moist and move from inside to outside your house undetected. They can then eat the wood in the foundations of your house and work their way up.

The easiest way to tell if you have termites entering this way is to look around the walls of the house. If you see lots of small holes in the earth then you may have a termite issue. Fill in a few and then check the next day to see if they have reopened or if new ones have appeared. If they have, you have an active termite infestation.

The best way to stop them from entering through the soil is to add a layer of concrete, 1-2 inches thick and at least 6 inches wide. This will make it impossible for the termites to get through. 

Preventing termites from getting into your house means watching carefully for any signs of their presence or opportunities for them to enter, says Uky.edu. If you see anything, act immediately and call the professionals to ensure you don’t have a termite problem. 

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