What You Should Put In Your Home Emergency Kit

What is a Home Emergency Cover?

An emergency is called just that because it comes unannounced. That’s why one should always be prepared in case of an emergency. To put it in a better way to have the means to immediately deal with the emergency at hand. Home emergencies can cost you a good chunk of money in a go. An easy way to cover such a sudden expense is to opt for a top-quality home emergency cover. A Home emergency cover is an add-on in the standard home insurance policy.

Situations Where Home Emergency Cover is Needed

Lately, people are finding themselves more and more at home. So maybe this long tenure of staying at home has made you develop a trained eye for the faulty stuff at home. A home emergency cover comes in handy in situations where your health or your home’s security is at risk. It is important to know that you need to maintain your home to a good standard for it to be valid for a home emergency cover.

Preparing a Home Emergency Kit

Though a home emergency cover shelters you from emergencies like a broken boiler or a plumbing default, it’s still wise to have a prepared home emergency kit at home. To prepare a home emergency kit, it is important to know the must-haves for the kit. These are the must-haves for a home emergency kit

  • Water: You at least need one-gallon water per person for their sanitation and drinking needs. You also need to have enough water supply for 3 days. One option is to buy purified water from your local grocery store or the next option is to wash and re-use empty soda bottles.
  • Food: during an emergency, it is unlikely that you will find restaurants or grocery stores open. So you need to prepare before-hand for such circumstances. Pack easy to eat items like energy bars and dried fruits. Make sure to also pack some canned food supply along to keep your energy levels good.
  • Radio: keep a NOAA weather radio in your kit. It will keep you well informed regarding changes in weather and updated emergency information. 
  • High Powered Battery Flashlights
  • A First-aid kit: you will likely need to tend to a wound or a cut during an emergency. So prepare a first aid kit to deal with it.
  • Cell phones with chargers: Keep a cellphone away in the first aid kit along with a charger to be used in case of emergency.
  • Clothing Item: Make sure to keep an extra set of clothes of everyone living in the house.
  • Items of personal Hygiene: Keep items of personal hygiene like wipes, soaps, and garbage bags.

These are the basic things that should be in your home emergency kit. As a pro-tip, pack in some card games. So, while it is still an emergency, you can lighten the mood up with some games.

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