What You Need to Know About Medium Duty Casters

casters medium duty

What are Medium Duty Casters?

SUPO medium duty casters are designed with large diameter wheels. Their fairways are hardened to provide stronger and longer service. There are various choices in the market. You can find medium casters in different colors, wheel types, brakes, and designs. They are mostly used for food equipment, transportation, and other household or business operations.

SUPO casters are made of durable steel plates and zinc as well as stainless steel, which gives them excellent quality and durability. The midsize caster design starts with a heavy load of 500 to 900 pounds. Besides, a medium duty caster can have a variety of braking options, including a locking brake to ensure rotation and wheels.

What are the Features of a SUPO Medium Duty Caster?

  1. Has a double ball track that has been hardened to improve strength and durability.
  2. The wheels are padded for rolling.
  3. It is coated with zinc and black, which makes it resistant to corrosion and gives it a good appearance.
  4. The axle is fixed well and meets the standard.
  5. The plate can turn 90 degrees.

How Should You Select the Best SUPO Caster For Your Work?

1) Rated load

It is essential to use medium duty caster wheels to check the rated load to be carried. You should also choose the one with the highest speed, such as those that can run two miles an hour to perform better at work.

2) Wheel size and tread hardness

When choosing casters, wheel size is another primary consideration. A wheel with a larger diameter roll is much more accessible than a smaller diameter one. The wider the wheels, the more surfaces the wheels interact with the floor to protect the floor and casters. However, this situation can be a challenge in rolling compared to narrow pedals. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase medium casters with hard tread wheels as they can be moved easily and carry heavier loads. This combination makes it more effective and is the best choice under specific conditions.

3) Floor choice

Medium duty casters and soft pedals usually protect the floor and are useful in operation. However, do not use wheels on carpeted floors as this may damage the surface. On the other hand, the industry of solid ground designed from metal chips and steel grilles that roughen them should work with hard tread wheels.

4) The working conditions of the wheel

When considering the purchase of a type of caster, how you use it is crucial. We suggest that you consider such things as noise pollution, rolling speed, suitability for all temperatures, the effects of contact with water or grease, and the type of power used to control the wheels, such as manual pushing or other means, electricity or gas.

5) Safety

It will help if you consider user safety and other ergonomic factors. Remember that this machine will be operated by a man and how safe it is for individuals in the workplace to be connected to the safety level of the caster. Therefore, selecting large caster wheels will allow it to roll smoothly. You’d better choose wheels with anti-friction options because they move easily and work more efficiently.

6) Climate change and wheels

You should buy a wheel caster that can withstand different types of climate, especially if you plan to use it for outdoor work. For example, grease for standard bearings usually hardens at a temperature of about 20 degrees to prevent further rolling of the wheels. We suggest that you ask the experts to explain and make appropriate choices for your region and business.

SUPO medium duty caster is the most popular caster from domestic to various industries, and any other enterprises can use it with a variety of capabilities. They have high quality and high value with their incredible function. Anyone can order this medium-sized caster and begin to enjoy the efficiency of their business experience. There is no doubt that they are the best choice for your business operation.

For more information, please visit: https://www.supocaster.com

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