What is the Best Gear to Wear When Scuba Diving?

scuba diver taking a picture of a tortoise

Scuba Diving is, if I may so, one of the most exciting and challenging sports out there. However, it also comes with a serious learning curve and a little bit of learning before you can seriously get into it. That doesn’t mean you can start snorkeling right away and indeed, that’s how most people get into diving, explorable rock pools and shallow waters when on holiday. 

If you really want to experience diving properly however, you’ll need a little bit of equipment. The great thing is that you can rent plenty of equipment, such as your diving regulator at most dive sites, however, if it’s something you’re going to wear, it makes a lot more sense to buy your own kit! 

  • Diving Mask

Wearing a dive mask that fits properly will make the difference between an uncomfortable difficult dive and a wonderful experience. Really, it makes that much of a difference. The best thing is a good diving mask costs very little and if you’re going on holiday and don’t have space or weight for a lot of good, a mask takes up next to no space!

  • Fins

While having your own fins isn’t strictly necessary, once you’ve done a few dives you’ll start to learn what time of fin you like. Turning up a dive/snorkel site to find rubbish fins that barely work or don’t suit your swimming style can really spoil your experience. While you can spend a considerable amount, a fine set of fins can be very inexpensive and improve the enjoyment of your dive considerably. 

  • Wetsuit

Ever worn a pair of shoes too big or small? Wearing a badly sized wetsuit can be about as much fun as that, so make sure you buy the right size. Wetsuits vary in pricing from wildly expensive to really quite affordable. I’d recommend avoiding the very cheapest and focus on getting the best fit possible over extra features. Wetsuits from brands like Scubapro and Mares are all good options and designed to be highly flexible while providing the ideal level of thermal protection.

  • Gloves

Depending on the type of diving you’re doing diving gloves may or may not be necessary but they can really help to keep you safe from scratches and abrasions underwater. A set of poorly fitting gloves can even be dangerous if you’re unable to handle your gear effectively. 

A good set of gloves are both light and cheap and super easy to pack away for any dive holiday you’re going on!

  • Regulator

One of the last items many divers put on their list, a good regulator is a tool to be treasured and having your own gives you the opportunity to really get to know your gear and have the best possible experience under water. Even better, good regularls from the likes of Apeks are surprisingly cheap. You don’t need the bling stuff after all! 

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