What is the Average Cost of Installing Wood Plantation Shutters?

bathroom wood plantation

One of the factors many people consider when planning to install wood plantation shutters is the cost. It helps to have an estimate, so you can make adequate plans for the project.

We thought we would provide some of the guidelines you can follow to determine the average costs of installing wood plantation shutters in your home. For the best results, I always recommend everyone living in Lexington, KY, to visit the Miller’s Window Works website to view a variety of high-quality wood plantation shutters they can choose for their homes.

Dealing with Trusted Wood Shutter Contractors

You stand a higher chance of getting fair prices regarding sales and installation of wood plantation shutters when you buy from trusted and established sellers. Miller’s Window Works for example are known to offer customers a transparent pricing structure that allows you to choose the best wood plantation shutters within your budget.

Here are some tips to help you determine the estimated costs for the purchase and installation of wood plantation shutters for your home…

Type of Wood Used

There are so many types of wood that can be used to make shutter windows. The variants available in the market have different costs. You can find wood plantation shutters made from MDF wood grade, basswood among other types of wood. Your choice will determine the final cost for the purchase and installation of wood plantation shutters in your home.

Wood Shutter Measurements

The window size for wood plantation shutters are measured in square foot. If you can find the measurement for the window height and width, it is easier to estimate the cost of the shutters for that particular window. Multiply the height by the width, and the result in square foot is then multiplied by the cost per square foot offered by the seller.

If all the windows in your home are of the same size, multiply the final value from the calculation above by the number of windows you plan to install with wood plantation shutters. The result is an estimated cost of the entire project.

Type of Wood Finishing

The finishing used for the wood in the plantation shutter you want to buy can also influence the cost. For example, if the wood is finished with materials that make it waterproof, or with expensive paint, you may need to pay a little more for that extra touch.

The Design

There are so many amazing designs used to improve the aesthetic value of wood plantation shutters. If you want your windows to stand out from the rest, your desire can be achieved by selecting any of the awesome designs found on the Miller’s Window Works site.

You can choose wood plantation shutters with different shapes, such as triangle, circle, or oval shapes. There are also designs such as tier-on-tier shutters, café style shutters, or solid shutter designs. The detailing and craftsmanship involved in the construction of these varying designs make the windows slightly more expensive than conventional wood plantation shutters.

Depending on your choices, you should plan a budget between $200 and $400 per window. One thing is certain, the outcome after installation will be worth the price you have paid for the installation of your new and amazing wood plantation shutters.

Check out the latest range available by clicking here – https://millerblinds.com/wood-shutters/.

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