What Is Penetration Testing?

man trying to hack a website

Penetration testing is an intentional and well-orchestrated security strategy deployed to detect areas of vulnerability in a client’s online system.

Penetration testing can be done in different ways. The choice from the options available depends on the type of system being tested. Penetration testing is a recommended process for every organisation that works with sensitive data. Clients that hire experts to carry out the penetration testing include banks, corporate organisations and private clients.

Who Performs Penetration Tests?

The whole process is completed by experienced ethical hackers. They are paid to launch selected cyber-attacks at the system under test from a remote computer.

The process of performing penetration testing is popularly known as ethical hacking because it is permitted by the client.

The goal of the hackers, who are attempting to breach the system, is to find out if other cybercriminals can gain access to the system, and how long they can maintain access for.

Also, the extent of damage that can be done is assessed, regarding the level of control after hacking, and the files that can be viewed by the hacker. Ethical hackers are certified to perform penetration testing.

How it is Done

Penetration testing is done with a set of specialist online tools. Please note that each case of penetration testing is different. What this means is that the tools used for the job will depend on the task to be accomplished.

The Need for Penetration Testing

Here are the reasons clients hire ethical hackers to test their systems…

Loss of Data

Hackers can wipe out entire systems, leading to the loss of valuable data that the client relies on for their business. Data hacked from corporate organisations can be sold to the competition or used for other illegal purposes.

Bad Public Reputation

Corporate organisations can suffer in many ways when the public loses faith in their ability to protect their data, according to TripWire.com. Hacking can ruin the reputation of brands rather quickly.

Loss of Revenue

Hackers can target the client’s bank accounts and make illegal financial transactions if they are able to gain access to sensitive banking information. Many companies will find it difficult to recover from such a horrific event.

What Happens After Penetration Testing is Done?

A whole lot of data is generated during the penetration testing exercise. This data is comprehensively presented to the client for assessment.

The clients must take the appropriate steps to ensure that all the loopholes in their system are strengthened. The aim is to ensure that the system cannot be compromised in future.

Penetration testing should be done at regular intervals. We live in a world where tech is rapidly evolving. It is essential to install new security updates and tests must be done to ensure that hackers cannot gain access to your valuable data. To stay protected, it is best to make use of cyber security firms such as https://computerforensicslab.co.uk/ that can regularly perform penetration tests to ensure you are protected.

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