What is a Funeral Plan and Why is it a Good Idea to Get One?

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan allows you to prepay for your desired funeral either in full or affordable monthly instalments and locks in the cost of the Funeral Director’s services at today’s prices. Some funeral plans also include a free will writing service, which can be very helpful with your later life planning. 

Why do I need a pre-paid funeral plan?

Emotional security 

A funeral plan can provide peace of mind for you and your family that when the time comes your loved ones will know that you will have the funeral that you wanted. Furthermore, your family will not have the stress of trying to plan a funeral when they are grieving. It takes just one phone call to the funeral plan provider to alert them of your passing, and they can take it from there. 

Allows you to reflect and think about the funeral that you want 

People often avoid the topic of death or funerals, especially with older relatives as they find it difficult to discuss. However, talking about your funeral either with loved ones or the professional team of a funeral plan provider means that you have a chance to reflect and really think about exactly what it is that you want. 

Financial security 

According to the Sun Life’s Cost of Dying survey 2021, the cost of the average funeral has almost doubled in the last decade and now stands at £4184. It can often be very difficult for your loved ones to produce this amount of money in such a short time frame, leaving them with the financial burden at a time which is already difficult for them. A funeral plan can be paid either in full or in instalments which are suitable to your budget. Setting up later life arrangements is becoming increasingly popular and necessary in order to organise your finances and not pass on the stress to your loved ones. 

Lock down the cost of your funeral 

No matter how extravagant or modest your funeral wishes may be, it is evident that the cost of your funeral is going to increase. Taking out a funeral plan will mean that you lock the cost of the Funeral Director’s fees at the price that it is today. 

How do I know which plan is best for me?

There are many different funeral plan providers, so it can be difficult to decide which plan is most suited to you. A lot of plans can be tailored to cater to your needs and wishes and also broken down into a suitable payment plan for you. Ensure that when you are taking out your plan that you have chosen a trusted provider, so that your money will be secure and make sure you understand exactly what is included in your funeral plan. 

Tailor the plan to suit you

Once you have chosen your plan, many can be personalised. Do you want a burial or a cremation? Have you thought about if the service will be religious or humanist? And have you considered if you would like there to be limousines, flowers, music and hymns? At first, it can seem overwhelming to have to think about these options but a funeral plan advisor will help you through all the steps making it all very simple. 

Starting to think about your own funeral now and making the appropriate provisions will give you the peace of mind that when the time comes everything will be taken care of for your loved ones. 

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