What Investors Should Know About Truck Camera Systems

Fleet management entails different components, and surveillance is a crucial one. If you want to invest in truck fleets, either as the owner of a logistic company or just as a fleet management company, there is a lot that you should know about truck camera systems, especially if you want to save fuel and promote fleet operations that promote clean and sustainable living.

So, what is a truck camera system? This is a system that creates a remote real-time vision of your fleet trucks while they are in the field. The main goal is to monitor where they are and ensure that they are driven in the right way.

A truck camera system consists of different cameras that are installed inside or outside the truck and connected to the internet for remote access by managers.

Different Types of Truck Cameras

As mentioned, a truck camera system consists of different cameras. Here is a list of the main ones:

·        Front and back cameras – For truck surveillance, the front-facing camera that is installed on the dashboard is the main component. Some are connected to the GPS tracker so that they can show the location of the vehicle at the same time. There are also cabin cameras that face the driver and crew to monitor their behavior. Lastly, there are back cameras that are either installed as part of the side mirror or at the back to be used for reversing.

·        Surround, blind spot, or 360 cameras – Trucks are heavy and massive vehicles and the driver may not see all parts. To take care of other motorists and pedestrians, they can rely on surround cameras that give a view of all the blind spots.

Choosing the Best Truck Camera System

As mentioned, the main goal of having a truck camera system is surveillance. Hence, the one you choose should provide this and more. Here are the considerations to make.

·        Connectivity to GPS tracking – There is no need for a separate GPS tracking system if a truck camera system can have one integrated into it. This will save e-waste that is becoming a challenge all over the world. To choose a truck camera system that has GPS and more, check the Eyeride website.

·        Use of minimal and recyclable materials – The evolution of technology has led us to minimalistic devices made of recyclable materials, and your truck camera system should be the same. The cameras should be small and made of recyclable or biodegradable materials. This contributes to saving the environment.

·        Useful surveillance features – Fleet owners and drivers should enjoy many useful features from a truck camera system such as real-time surveillance, clear view of the road, and reporting, among others.

Benefits of a Truck Camera System

·        Real-time surveillance – Having control of fleet trucks makes everything easier and brings a lot of convenience to your company. You can advise drivers on the best routes to use and train them on the best behavior while on the road. It is also useful when making insurance claims or police reports.

·        Avoids paperwork – With a truck camera system, a fleet company saves paperwork when making reports. The fleet owner and managers can access a variety of reports from the system in real-time. It also saves time that would have been used to make manual reports.

·        Saves fuel – Access use of fuel increases the cost of operation and increases the emission of harmful gases in the air. But with an appropriate truck camera system, you save a lot of fuel through avoidance of unnecessary idling and use of long or heavy traffic routes.

·        Saves lives – Many accidents can be avoided when a truck camera system is used in a fleet, for instance blind spots or reverse accidents. According to insights by the international automotive supplier Continental, surround and back-up cameras in trucks help to avoid many accidents.


There you go! You now have a lot of information on truck camera systems. If you need one installed in your trucks, take some time to choose the best one and have it installed by the experts. Remote access via the internet is a must so that you and fleet managers can supervise from wherever they are. The time to install one is now.

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