What Haircut Should I Get?

The right haircut can help highlight your best facial features. However, just because you love a certain haircut doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a good fit for you and here’s why: what establishes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ haircut for your face depends on many factors i.e. your face shape, hair texture, type, and more. Read on to learn how to pick the right haircut that best suits you.

Face Shape

Your face shape is the most important factor to consider when selecting the right haircut. Determining the face shape is important because different haircuts suit different face shapes better. So, before you start typing ‘barbershop near me’ or ‘haircuts near my location’ to find and visit a barbershop, it is highly recommended that you make sure you know what your face shape is.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Use a tape measure to measure the width of your forehead, jaw, as well as the length between your cheekbones. After that, take the average of these measurements and then measure your face’s length from your chin to the point where your hairline starts. Regardless of your numbers, your face will fit into one of the categories mentioned below.

Best Haircuts for Men According to Face Shape

Follow these guidelines for the best haircuts according to face shape:

 Round: Get longer hair on top with short sides, such as a slicked back undercut, comb over fade, or a textured crop.

 Diamond: Try a shag, side sweep, textured crop, faux hawk, or messy fringe to soften your angular face.

 Oval: Balance your face with an undercut or fade on the sides along with a comb over, pompadour, or textured slicked back.

 Oblong: Try Ivy League, buzz cut, side part, or short brush up to highlight your classic features.

 Triangle: More volume is recommended; try faux hawk, brush up, pompadour, or spiky hair.

 Square: Choose longer haircut with textured styles like the slicked back, side part, and pompadour or short haircut like the crew and buzz cut.

Hair Texture and Type

These factors are also very important when choosing the right haircut. While tools such as a straightener, blow-dryer, and products can help you achieve different hairstyles, some hair types and textures work with certain haircuts and some simply don’t. So, it is recommended that you choose a haircut that goes well with your hair type and texture. These guidelines will help:

 Thin, straight hair look great in classic hairstyles.

 Coarse, straight hair owners should follow the natural pattern because styling such hair differently is very difficult.

 For curly hair, go with angular, edgy versions of the undercut and modern fades.

 Wavy thick hair owners can choose almost any haircut, except slicked back as it’s not easy to do it.

Commitment Factor

Before getting a new haircut, think about how much upkeep your desired look will require and whether or not you are on board with however often you will need to visit a barbershop for trims. No matter what you choose, much like trying a new hair color trend, it is extremely important to think about your lifestyle as well as the long-term maintenance of the look. You should also discuss it with your stylist before they pick up their scissors.


Although we are moving further from times where your profession influences your haircut (in terms of whether or not it looks professional), there are some professions that still require a little bit neatness. So, if you are a man of high position, try to choose a more classic, neat haircut.

Now that you understand what factors influence your choice of haircut, To find an awesome barber or barber shop in your area and get the haircut that best suits you. Don’t forget to get additional insights and suggestions from the barber so that you can have a tailored style and cut that you will absolutely love!

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