What are the Best Dip Powder Kits?

If you are a fashion enthusiast, and always looking on point from head to toe, you will understand the beauty struggle! If you love having neat and well-kept nails in the colour of your choice, then you will likely be a regular at the local nail salon. This can be an expensive hobby, especially since the nail polish can chip off in a few days.

Now, what if there is a way to kill two birds with one stone? I mean, you get to have a longer-lasting manicure, and you do it yourself from the comfort of your own home? This is where dip powder nails come in.

What are Dip Powder Nails?

Dip powder has garnered quite the attention in the manicure world in recent months. It is a technique of applying colour on your nails by dipping adhesive-coated nails in a finely ground powder. It is so popular today because you do not need to cure your nails under a harmful UV lamp, as is the case with gel nails. Also, they last longer compared to the liquid and gel nail polishes.

How Do You Apply Dip Powder Nails?

The process of applying dip powder nails is quite easy. The following steps outline what you should do to end up with flawless nails:

  • Prep your nails – use a nail file to buff your nail plate. Also, use a clipper to remove any dead skin from your cuticle. File your nails to a desirable length.
  • Cleanse your nails to remove the dirt from buffing
  • Apply the bonder – this is the first layer on your nail plate. It helps the product stay put on the nail and not to lift
  • Apply the base coat
  • Before the base coat dries, dip your nail into the colour powder
  • Remove the nail and brush off any extra powder
  • Repeat the process for all your nails
  • Finish by applying an activator and topcoat to your nails.

Previously, only professionals at nail salons could achieve the perfect consistency and application of the dip powder nails. However, today, there are dip powder nail kits for sale that help even a newbie apply dip powder flawlessly. 

Some of these kits for sale include…

1. Future Nails Trial Kit-Flawless

This is a dip powder kit that takes care of the whole application process. It has tools to prep the nails up to the topcoat to seal off your color. The kit contains:

  • 15ml base 
  • 15ml activator
  • 15ml top gel
  • Nail file-100/180 grit
  • White block
  • Three color powders – namely, Allure 0.5 Oz, Necessary 0.5 Oz, and Attitude 0.5 Oz

This kit is available for £ 43.50, inclusive of VAT.

2. Modelones

The kit contains:

  • Six dip powder colours 
  • A dust brush
  • Two replacement brushes
  • 10ml base
  • 10ml activator
  • 10ml gel top coat

The kit retails for € 17.13 on Amazon, but isn’t as good as the kit on Future Nail Store above in our opinion.

3. Nicole Diary

Are you a beginner and want to do your nails? Then the Azure beauty starter kit is the best kit for you. The kit contains:

  • 7ml bond
  • 7ml base
  • 7ml activator
  • 7ml top
  • 7ml brush saver
  • Five colour powders

4. Morovan Dip Powder nail kit

This will suit a novice to the dip powder nail world. The kit contains:

  • Six dip powder colors
  • 10 ml base coat
  • 10ml activator
  • 10ml top coat
  • 40ml brush saver
  • Four replacement brushes
  • A recycling tray
  • A nail cleaning pad
  • Nail file
  • A dust brush

Have you used any of these kits? If so, let us know your thoughts on them!

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