What Are the Best Dinosaur Toys?

What are the Best Dinosaur Toys

Have you ever been looking at the toys your niece, nephew, child, or any other children that are in your life have and thought you wanted them to have a dinosaur toy? Whether you want them to have that dinosaur toy because you want to teach them about history, you want to get them a new toy, or for any other reason, having a dinosaur toy can be a great thing for a child. That is why our experts are here to share their favorite dinosaur toys for kids of all ages. Keep reading to learn more.

Generic Plastic Dinosaur Toy

The first recommendation we have is probably one you have seen before. That is a generic plastic dinosaur toy. This is great for children of all ages as they simply like to play with toys and as they get older making it have a scene or teaching them about which toy is which type of dinosaur. A generic plastic dinosaur toy is important for almost all children to have and it will allow them to be introduced to dinosaurs right from a young age.

Dinosaur Suit

There are great dinosaur suits available now for children. No, it does not mean they get completely dressed up as their favorite dinosaur. That is not to say they can’t! Some of these suits include just one part of the dinosaur. For example, the dinosaur suit could include a fun dinosaur tail they can put on and walk around with. It’s like Halloween for your child any day of the year. There also are dinosaur gloves if they would like that, this will encourage them to wear gloves when it’s cold out because they look fun and remind them suddenly that they are a dinosaur. There also are masks available to turn them into a fun and scary dinosaur. Anyone of these would be a great toy to have around the house.

Make a dinosaur egg grow

You may have seen different eggs that can grow. Some are animals, some can be people, there are so many options out there. Dinosaurs are a great thing to allow children to grow slowly. If you know much about dinosaurs or history, you can always make it into a history lesson by telling them what is going on inside the dinosaur every step of the way as it grows. Dinosaur eggs are also just a fun thing to have as the shell cracks and the dinosaur slowly starts to emerge and grow into a much larger dinosaur.


Every child loves a good book. Books are great for educating your child and helping them learn how to read. Depending on your child’s age will depend on the type of book. If you have a young child, an easy book that makes a fun situation with dinosaurs is a great idea. As they get older, you could allow the book to also be easy so they could read it or you could have a more complex book in which you would read it to them and they would be learning about the history of dinosaurs. All of these are great options.

Miniature Fossil Set

What’s better than a child trying to find the bones of old dinosaurs so they can try and figure out what kind of dinosaur it was? Digging and finding a fossil set keeps them entertained for hours and is like a history lesson in a sandbox. Try one out for your child and talk to them at the same time about what they are finding.


Puzzles are great for people of all ages. There is typically an age group recommended on the box of a puzzle so you know the difficulty level of it. Puzzles can have large pieces so your young child is able to do them and they also can have smaller pieces so it becomes a more advanced puzzle. The great part about puzzles too is that it will paint a full picture of where the dinosaur used to live and what they used to do. It typically will not just be a dinosaur. It will be like it is coming out of Jurassic Park and will give the child a better sense of the land too.

Dinosaur Lego

Kids love playing with lego and what-a-better way to play with it than to make it into dinosaurs! There are designs out there for children of all ages. They can create one with large building blocks of lego or small ones so the dinosaur has more details they add.

Finger Puppets

There are lots of great little finger puppets out there for children to play with that go right on their finger. They can act out a scene, they can make up stories with the puppets, or they can play with them however they want. Finger puppets are fun things for children.

Stuffed Animal Dinosaur

Most children love stuffed animals when they are a child and a dinosaur makes a great stuffed animal. It’s not scary and you can start teaching your child about history from a very young age. Having a stuffed animal they can cuddle with at night is a great way to introduce your child to dinosaurs.

As you can see, there are some great toys out there for children of all ages to have fun and learn about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are a huge part of history and although they are fun to play with, they teach a lot of children along the way too! If you are looking for a great dinosaur toy for your child and are still unsure after reading this list, give us a call today!

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