What are the Advantages of Having a Green Card?

US Passport

Immigrants in the United States go through a long process to secure a Green Card. It can be quite overwhelming, but absolutely worth the effort.

In this article, I will be writing about the benefits of having a Green Card.

But first…

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is the name given to an official permit issued by the American government that allows immigrants (people from other foreign countries) the right to work and live in the US permanently.

The Green Card is also called a permanent resident card. To secure a Green Card, the applicant must meet the immigrant requirements as stated under the immigration laws in the US.

Getting a Green Card in the US is such a big deal for immigrants because of the benefits. Here are the reasons you should start the process of determining your eligibility for a Green Card and subsequently apply…

Lower Fees for Education

Holders of a Green Card in the US who are interested in getting an education in any university or higher institution can avoid paying higher fees as international students. The Green Card gives automatic student eligibility to pay the same fees as American citizens.

Travel Within and Outside the US

People who have permanent residence status can travel freely within and outside the US. What this means is that they can visit their home countries and family without any issues at the US international border.

Sponsor Relatives for Permanent Residency

The holders of a Green Card are also permitted to sponsor their family members who can be issued a Green Card to live and work permanently in the US.

Relatives who can be sponsored by people with a Green Card include young children below the age of 21, spouses, parents, and dependents.

Enjoy Social Security Status in the US

Social Security gives the holders of Green Cards permission to access financial support from the government. This is a program that is funded with money from the taxpayers.

Social security benefits are offered to people living with a disability, and older adults who have retired from their jobs and need support to live comfortably.

Older adults who have lived and worked in the US for over ten years can apply for government support. If granted, the beneficiaries can get regular support and finances from the US government for up to ten years.

Higher Paying Jobs

The residents in the US who have Green Cards are free to work in any company. There are no restrictions, so they can get the recommended educational qualifications and apply for the best jobs available.

Companies sponsor immigrants without a Green Card and this arrangement puts a limit on the type of jobs or positions that they can occupy in the company.

Freedom to Vote

You can join millions of American citizens to determine the leaders in the country by participating in the voting exercise.

In conclusion, with your US Green Card, your life in the country will be much better.

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