Ways to Get to St Barts from New York

When people talk about the best vacation sites on the planet, St. Barts can be seen at the top of the list. St Barths, is a French Caribbean Islet which lies about thirty-five kilometers south-east of St Martin.The islet has for many years been recognized as a famous attraction site for tourists especially during the winter. On average, it attracts over two hundred thousand visitors annually. This has contributed a great deal to the economic development of the Islet.

Filled with beautiful beaches and breath-taking sceneries, the Islet offers a pleasurable experience for families, couples, friends or solo travelers. Most New Yorkers are often seen visiting the French islet to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. If you wish to bask in the warmth offered by this incredible Islet and have no idea where to begin, then this article is intended for you.

Common Ways to Get to St Barts from New York

There is no one-way flight from the busy city of New York to the Islet of St Barthélemy, however there are numerous ways that could be taken. This article presenting how to get to Saint Barthélemy from New York City will explain in detail the safest possible ways for you to have a wonderful trip.

Board a Plane to San Juan

San Juan is a city situated in Puerto Rico (more about this location on Discover Puerto Rico), and a direct flight from New York City to the Luis Muñoz Marín International Air-base takes about sixty-five minutes for a one-way trip.

This is a very easy way to take when making the trip. It prevents the hassle of clearing with customs as San Juan is a United States based territory. According to a travel blogger, the San Juan air-base provides better comfort than that of St Martin. Take a flight to San Juan and then board an additional sixty minutes flight to Saint Barts.

Board a Plane to Saint Martin

You could either choose the above option, or you could choose to take a flight to Saint Martin, a neighboring islet to Saint Barts, and then book a ten minutes flight from Saint Martin to St Barths. This option is the most commonly used as tourists consider it affordable and quite convenient. Tourists who have no phobia for water and would like to gain experience traveling at sea can board a ferry from St Martin. 

There are two ferry companies within the region, the Voyager and the Great Bay Express (more here on the Great Bay Express site). The departure areas of the Voyager are at Marigot and the Oyster Pond. The amount of time a tourist would spend travelling from Marigot to Saint Barts, would be roughly seventy-five minutes. While for ferries leaving via the Oyster Pond, the trip would just take about forty-five minutes.

For tourists who would rather use the Great Bay Express, the company goes from Philipsburg to St Barts. The difference in the prices of tickets for both companies is around six and forty-five Euros. Voyager charges an estimate of fifty euros for a one-way trip, while the Great Bay Express charges between fifty-six to ninety-five Euros.


These ways can all be taken from the John F Kennedy International Air-base in New York City and Newark International Air-base in New Jersey to Princess Juliana’s International Air-base in Saint Martin, or the Luis Muñoz Marín International Air-base in Puerto Rico.

As a result of the frequent prohibition of evening flight landings in Saint Barts, it is advisable to check your schedule and book your flights and ferry tickets ahead of time, to enable you to get to the beautiful islet of St Barts before dusk.

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