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Children between the ages of 9-13 years are going through a major transition phase. They love their digital devices and always on their phones or tablets. As a parent, it is your right to feel uneasy about their unnecessarily long screen time. You are right to think about yourself at their age and your love for the outdoors. 

Those times were safe in comparison to the society we live in today. Letting your kids out without any protective measures is also very risky. Most parents prevent this risk of any dangers by letting children stay on their phones and other devices for longer periods without them doing anything actually productive.

If you are a parent who is worried about the physical and mental health of your child then you are in luck because the FamiSafe parental control app will not only track the location of your child when they are outside but will also help you manage their screen time. Yes, such an app exists. It has everything in it with an extensive list of features for all your parental instincts. This smart app meets all your basic and exclusive requirements of keeping and track a cell phone of your kid.

Fundamental Features 

The basic feature this app offers let you track your kid’s location from where ever they may be. It offers parental controls on their time of using their smart gadgets and allows you to set your child to then gain screen time in reward. It is one to engage your child in some other activities than using their phones or tablets.

Young ones require more attention and guidance from parents than older ones. You need to keep them in check 24/7 and if you leave them alone for once, you will know they will be up to mischief. A mobile tracking app can be a handy tool in this situation.

Tracking Usage

FamiSafe tracks the usage activity of the devices with the help of its screen time tracking feature. You can devise a flexible schedule for games and work. Your child has to follow it and until then they will stay out of their device because of the blocking feature. In return, you can surprise them with reward screen time when they have finished the work that you have assigned them. This creates a cooperative environment for working and having fun.

App Tracker 

This location tracker also works as an app tracker. You can measure the time your child is spending on each app. You can make usage windows for each app by categorizing them. You can also block all the unwanted apps from your child’s phone. It will also give you a daily report of which apps your child is using throughout his day. It will notify you about any new apps they will install and any apps that they have deleted after installing them.

Device Activity Tracker 

The website children use to play online games can have explicit ads and pop-ups that are too mature for their age. This app allows you to categorize the websites in a blacklist or a white list. You can add alerts to get notifications for anytime your child will open a website that you have blocked.

You can also add alerts to track messages from strangers and any activity that you find harmful for your child on social media apps. This way you can stay alert of the online danger and save your child from any potentially harmful things.

Location Tracker 

The app is first of all a location tracker and it helps you enjoy many features of location tracking when your child is outdoors. Being outdoors is just as important for a child as for him to stay indoors but you also have to make sure that your child is safe when he’s moving around.  

FamiSafe allows you to add fences and save zones. You can do it with the geo-fencing feature There is also real-time location tracking which helps you to check and track your child’s live location. If they move out of the safe places that you have set for them you can timely reach them and make sure they are okay.

Payments and Deals 

You can get FamiSafe at extremely affordable prices:

For 9.99$ a month only

For 6.99$ a month you can get a 3-month subscription by paying in advance

For 4.99$ a month you can get a whole year subscription by paying in advance

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An app that can save you the trouble of being a needlessly strict parent is only one touch away. All you need to do is download it and install it. It can handle up to 30 devices at a time that connects to a single device. Get FamiSafe and help your children learn better digital habits.

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