Top Three Useful Tablet Accessories for iPad

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Compared with the same period last year, Apple’s iPad market share increased by 4% in the third quarter of 2019, with a total of 10.1 million units shipped. Indeed, an increasing number of people prefer to purchase an iPad and carry it all the time instead of their laptop. In this article, we’ll recommend you the top three useful tablet accessories for iPads. Keep reading to know more!

There are numerous reasons why people are so crazy about iPads. First of all, no matter the iPad’s screen size, the definition or the portability, an iPad is definitely the top pick for watching movies, TV series or variety shows. Meanwhile, it’s very convenient to use an iPad to read articles, take notes and write a report. On account of the portability, you can open any document and write down anything on your iPad whenever and whatever you want. Most importantly, thanks to the perfect configuration of iPad, the high fluency of the system and some useful tablet accessories, users are free to play small and large-scale online games at will. Mainly, the touchscreen is considered a treat to both hands and eyes.

As the iPad market expands, so does the tablet accessories industry. Actually, if you browse online for tablet accessories for iPad, you will end up with zillions of search results of companies and products. Take VMAX as an example. As tablet accessories emerge as a category, no accessories manufacturer is positioned as well as VMAX to benefit and support the expanding market. As for the dizzy product information and existing online reviews, it’s still glad to find out that some useful gadgets can really make a difference and contribute to delighting you. After doing some research and sorting out scraps of material, we are here to recommend the top four worthy investment for you.

1) iPad Case

One outstanding advantage of the iPad is that, this digital device is easy for users to carry and place. However, this advantage can somehow turn into a shortcoming. Due to the prolonged exposure to the external environment, users are suggested to pay special attention to the damage such as scratch from pointed things. Therefore, adequate protection to the back and the edge of the iPad is necessary. In this case, high-quality tablet accessories like iPad cases can at least prevent dust, water, scratch and impact. In addition, the collapsible brace of the case enables the iPad to be placed at any angle which provides pleasant playing and watching experience to the fullest. At the same time, it will play a significant role in protecting our eyesight and spine.

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2. iPad Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors bear no resemblance to other screen protectors made of different materials, because these iPad accessories feature the best hardness and highest scratch resistance, which contributes to the longer service life of your digital device. Take iPad 10.2 Inch Full Size Tempered Glass Screen Protector from VMAX as an example. With a thickness of only 0.33mm, this iPad screen protector is still robust enough to prevent the screen of your tablet from crushing or beating. What’s more, the paper-thin design can also provide users with a comfortable and satisfactory reading experience. Last but not least, even if this tempered glass screen protector almost cover the screen, the precise touchscreen sensitivity of these tablet accessories can still fulfill all your needs when you’re playing games or typing on the screen.

3. Apple Pencil

It should be noted that, Apple pencil looks like the ordinary pen we used in our daily life, while the appearance of it is much smoother. Compared with other touchable capacitive pens, the fluency of these tablet accessories in writing is unmatched by other brands. For example, when you are taking notes, Apple pencil can move according to your handwriting without any delay. Equipped with tagging function, Apple pencil can be used to annotate photos, PDFs, and screenshots quickly and easily. Moreover, the charging speed of Apple pencil is so fast that you can use it for 30 minutes only by charging 15 seconds. In the circumstances, there is no reason to worry about using it for your study and work. In particular, it is the sensitivity to pen movement and angle, pixel-level accuracy and surprisingly low delay that make it an indispensable creative partner for professional designers and illustrators.

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