Things to Consider When Choosing Care Home Furniture

care home furniture

A care home is a professionally managed facility where older adults or people with special needs receive assisted support to live comfortably. Considering the occupants of a care home, it is essential to carefully choose the furniture in a care home facility.

Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, you can find the best furniture for your care home online. But there are some things to consider before you make a purchase.

The living areas in a care home include the resident’s bedrooms, sitting room, the reception area, waiting room, the dining area, bathrooms and kitchen. Some care homes may have meeting rooms and other living spaces.

The furniture you install in your care home must be carefully selected. Here are some factors to consider before making a purchase…

Quality of the Furniture

The quality of the furniture you purchase for use in a care home should never be compromised. The people who will use this furniture may already have challenges regarding mobility. High-quality furniture is durable and long lasting.


There are special furniture designs for care homes that help the users sit properly or recline when necessary. This furniture is designed for people who suffer body aches due to age, poor posture or injury. Using furniture that aids the residents to sit in the correct position at all times will be very helpful. Some older adults or people with special needs may need the extra support to sit properly.

Please consider the purchase of furniture that is easy to clean. The furniture in care homes should be kept clean to avoid the spread of bacteria. If you buy furniture that cannot be cleaned easily, it may become a health risk to the residents in the care home facility.

The Recommended Design for Care Home Furniture

There are some particular specifications for the furniture that should be in a care home. These designs should be considered if it is a care home where the residents are predominantly older adults.

For example, the tables in such care homes should stand at a height that is convenient for the residents who may be confined to a wheelchair. Also, the chairs should reach a particular height to allow older adults sit or stand up comfortably without straining the muscles in their backs.

You should consider high seat lounge chairs, sofas, and quality armchairs among other furniture pieces for your care home.

Comfortable Furniture is Essential in a Care Home

It will be best if you buy furniture that makes them feel comfortable. With lots of comfortable furniture around, the living areas will feel more like a home rather than a facility where older adults have to live because they need support.

For a wide selection of care home furniture, we would recommend that you check out to view their extensive collection of high-quality furniture for your care home.

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