The Tigloo Trampoline Tent

You have just bought a trampoline and want to enjoy it all year round whether it rains or snows. The problem is that your children will not be protected from the cold or rain if they play on this equipment in bad weather conditions. For these toddlers to be able to enjoy it every day of the year, it is advisable to get this revolutionary trampoline accessory proposed by Topflex: the Tigloo trampoline tent which will transform your sports equipment into a real small cabin without forgetting that it can be adapted to any type of trampoline existing on the market.

What You Need to Know About the Topflex Tigloo Tent

The Tigloo trampoline tent is the first universal tent on the entire French trampoline market.

It is made of nylon and comes with 8 independently detachable walls with an ingenious Velcro system and 3 windows for extra ventilation during the hot season. It is compatible with all types of trampolines and even those with external thread, internal thread, hoop, steel crown, cable. It comes with a 6-month warranty for continuous use. It is therefore strongly recommended to disassemble it if you are not using it. Assembly and disassembly can take about 10 to 20 minutes.

Highlights of the Tigloo Trampoline Tent

The Tigloo tent is the right equipment to bring a better comfort of use to your trampoline. It can be used as a sunscreen by protecting your toddlers from any ultraviolet rays. The latter can then make some bounces in the shade despite the heat.

The walls surrounding the small Tigloo cabin are removable thanks to Velcro and are therefore detachable independently. That is to say, you have the possibility to remove them in time of heat or put them in place according to your desires. It should be noted that the cabin in question has two openings so that the air circulates freely and gives more freshness in summer or protects against the wind and stays warm in winter. These windows can be rolled up according to your needs. They are also waterproof because they are made of super strong nylon.

Other Advantages of the Tigloo Universal Tent

The top of the roof is about 2 metres high, which will allow the toddlers to jump high, no matter the weather. Each seam on the roof is protected by waterproofing strips so that children can play dry during the rainy season.

The installation of the Tigloo tent can be done in a few minutes and does not require any specific tools. You also do not need to detach and replace the safety net for installation.

With the Tigloo tent, the trampoline can be transformed into a small cabin that can accommodate several children for a pajama party so they can have fun under the supervision of their parents.

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