Software to Help Parents Control Children’s Use of Mobile Phones

In the era of open mobile Internet, there are a lot of bad information on the Internet. Teenagers’ addiction to mobile phones is affected by many aspects. It has become a common phenomenon for parents to control their children’s mobile phones. It seems that there is a consensus among parents, according to Mycellspy.

Software that can control children’s mobile phones

There are many management and control software on the market, but parents really understand very little. Mobile phone monitoring software usually has the function of allowing parents to reasonably control their children’s mobile phones and control their children’s reasonable use of mobile phones, but there are certain differences in the functions and user experience of various software.

Mobile phone monitoring

Mobile phone monitoring software can monitor children’s communication behaviors, mobile phone usage, Internet records and other aspects, allowing parents to fully grasp the scope of children’s activities and better protect children’s healthy growth.

Real-time reminder

The software can set various monitoring reminders, including keyword monitoring and emergency contact reminders, etc., to notify parents in time when there is a problem, and assist parents to deal with it.


The software can set various security measures, including application lock, online time management, remote shutdown, etc., to ensure the safety of children’s mobile phones.

Help parents control children’s use of mobile phones

Software Usage Control

The main reason why children like to play with mobile phones is that mobile phones are filled with a lot of content that attracts them. Parents can use this function to reasonably control the applications in their children’s mobile phones, including addictive social media applications or popular game software. Of course, you can also prohibit children from using some applications, and only allow children to use some learning applications or daily essential applications.

Website blocking

Although the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, not all content is suitable for children’s growth. For example, some unhealthy content is mostly displayed through web pages. Parents can use this function to filter websites that are conducive to learning and block bad information. The website ensures a healthy environment for children to surf the Internet.

Real-time positioning and safety fence

The mobile phone monitoring software can locate and track in real time, allowing parents to know the current location of the child as quickly as possible. If an emergency occurs, the child’s location can be seen immediately to ensure the safety of the child. At the same time, the mobile phone monitoring software is also equipped with a safety fence function. Parents can reasonably set up a safety fence as a safe activity area. When the child enters or leaves the area, he will receive a text message reminder.

Mobile usage report

Parents can use this feature to get a report on their children’s daily use of mobile phones, including the software they have used, the web pages they have browsed, and the places they have visited. Parents can also see the time they spend on these software and web pages.

View call history

Parents can view their children’s mobile phone call records, SMS records, call voice, etc. By viewing their children’s mobile phone call records, parents can know who their children have been talking to recently and what their conversations are, so that parents can fully grasp the child’s mobile phone calls.

Monitoring application

Monitor the application usage on the child’s mobile phone, including application installation, application usage time, etc., so that parents can understand the child’s hobbies and online behavior, and promptly find out which applications are not suitable for children to use, which applications children spend a lot of time on, and avoid They are addicted to the Internet.

Browser regulation

Scope children’s online records and web page visits, limit children’s online time and web content, and improve children’s online security.

Remote management

Parents can remotely view and download pictures, videos, and documents in their children’s mobile phones. Parents can also check the screen activities of their children’s mobile phones in real time to understand what they are currently doing on their mobile phones. Cell phone monitoring software can help parents better manage their children’s cell phone usage.

What to do if your child is addicted to mobile phones?

Children addicted to mobile phones is a major problem faced by modern parents. This problem not only affects children’s physical and mental health, but also their academic and social skills, says However, what method can we completely cure mobile phone addiction?

In order for children to grow up healthier, we must help them establish healthy living habits (tips here). Give children the correct concept of using mobile phones. You can use some auxiliary tools, such as timers, time management applications, etc., to help children control the use of time. The root cause of children’s addiction to mobile phones lies in their excessive dependence on mobile phones and incorrect use concepts. We need to let children realize that mobile phones are just a tool in life and cannot be overly dependent on it. At the same time, we also need to tell children the correct way to use mobile phones, such as not playing games, not reading bad information, etc. For example, it is stipulated that you must exercise every day, sleep time should not exceed the specified time, and eat a balanced diet. These habits not only allow children to maintain a healthy body, but also allow them to better adapt to the pace of learning and life.

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