Should You Buy a Net, Cover or Fence for Your Swimming Pool?

Pool Safety Cover Net

Deciding whether to buy a pool net, cover or erect a fence around your pool can be confusing. These options are great and have so many advantages. However, there are some factors that you should consider when deciding which to buy, to allow you to get maximum benefit.

Pool Nets

Pool nets have always been a popular choice, because pool nets can easily be removed and reapplied when using your swimming pool. They are also extremely durable and perfect for all types of pool, whether big or small.

Pool nets are also sturdy. A good brand of pool net can support the weight of a toddler, or your pets without collapsing into the pool. It is not advisable for children (or adults!) to play on the pool net, but if one of your energetic kids’ fell in, they would prevent them from going under and getting into difficulty.

Another reason why many people have a preference for pool nets is that the swimming pool is not covered. Your investment and the beauty of the swimming pool is not hidden from public view. This means you can keep your swimming pool clean and safe without covering it up.

However, pool nets may not be adequate as a protective cover for your swimming pool, if you live in a region which suffers from harsh winters.

Pool Covers

Pool covers have also been widely used in homes with swimming pools. They tend to be made from tough materials and secured with the use of anchors, along the swimming pool edge. A good pool cover can support the weight of an adult of average height, so your children and pets are also safe when pool covers are in use.

During the summer, pool covers help to prevent evaporation of water from the pool, which helps keep your water bills down. They are also very easy to use, and the straps and anchors that hold pool covers in place cannot be undone by little children.

You can also find automated pool covers that are remotely controlled, which allows you to open and close the pools when you need to swim. Some innovative pool covers have solar functionality that can keep the water in your swimming pool warm during cold nights.

Pool Fences

Pool fences are mostly made from aluminium or tough wire mesh. The fence may be permanent or temporary. Pool fences tend to be set up around the pool to prevent little children, pets, or rodents from getting too close to the swimming pools edge. Pool fences are usually about five feet high and it is highly advised that fences around pools are see-through for easy monitoring.

When making a buying decision, you may want to consider the usability of each pool barrier option. Pool covers and nets can be used for indoor or outdoor swimming pools. They offer a high-level of safety and can keep your pool clean, which saves you a lot of stress and energy.

However, you will need to get used to the routine of carefully removing and securing the barriers after swimming.

One thing to note is that there is no protection from debris or leaves falling into the pool, so you will need to clean your pool often if a pool fence is used as your barrier. There is also swimming pool barrier compliance to consider when buying a fence.

We hope you find these tips useful.

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