Shop Like You Mean It: How To Buy A Quality Bed Online

During the onset of the pandemic in 2020, over 256 million people engaged in online shopping in the United States alone. Subsequently, this number will only grow with time, as you can expect 291.2 million buyers to shop online in 2025. With this increase, it’s not new territory to shop online, but it does come with uncertainty as it limits one’s shopping experience.

Since you don’t have the luxury to experience or hold your chosen item when online shopping, you’re probably doubting about buying your bed online, however, this shouldn’t be the case as purchasing your quality bed isn’t impossible – as long as you have the proper steps to guide you:

Think About Your Old Bed

When you think about your old bed, it doesn’t mean you should consider using it even if it no longer does wonders to grant you a good sleep. Instead, it would help if you thought about the qualities you disliked and liked about your old mattress, which entails the quality of materials, type, size, and bed frame. By doing so, you already list what you prefer and what you’re looking for.

Additionally, thinking about your old frame will allow you to determine whether you need a new base for your new bed. Doing so will also help you figure out if you want to get a larger or smaller bed than your old one. Ultimately, you could always consider your old bed’s factors (which you like or dislike) to help you determine the best mattresses if you want.

Plan Your Budget

After you consider your old bed, setting and planning your budget comes next. Here, you should prepare your finances and think about whether you can overspend and how much you’re willing to spend. Likewise, setting your budget before you shop per se will help you narrow down your options with the beds you can afford. With this, you could always focus on the available choices and ignore the rest if you’re not up for overspending.

Consider The Type

You could always get the same bed type because you have information on your old mattress to help you. However, if your old bed type wasn’t doable, you could always get another variety – which could range from innerspring, hybrid, latex, and memory foam. 

If you’re looking for support for your spine, the innerspring will work best with its wide range of firmness levels. On the other hand, cushioning beds like memory and latex foam beds will work well with sleepers who prefer comfortability and motion isolation. Lastly, hybrid mattresses are for combo sleepers or partners looking for a perfect blend of spinal support and comfort.

Look Through The Brands

Since you’ve determined what you’re looking for in your mattress, it’s time to look through reputable mattress brands. It would help if you always considered brands that offer a clean record of product quality and customer satisfaction here. By doing so, you simplify your shopping by engaging with a brand that provides a positive customer experience.

Additionally, looking for reputable brands will give you plenty of perks as well – as these brands will offer free shipping for your purchase. You could even get generous and clear instructions on trial periods and warranties as well.

Read Through Reviews And Ask For Recommendations

Since you can’t feel the bed during your purchase, you’ll have to make do with the reviews and recommendations of the bed. Here, you should be open to reading both positive and negative reviews to have an objective view of the bed. Likewise, this will also give you an insight into the bed and the brand.

Additionally, asking for recommendations from your friends and family will help you as well. If you know a few friends who have purchased beds online, it won’t hurt to ask for a few recommendations on trustworthy bed brands.

Consider The Bed’s Warranties And Trials

If you’ve chosen a brand that offers generous warranties and trial periods, reading and considering the fine print will help you in the long run. Likewise, doing so will also inform you of the details of the brand’s policies and help you if you may want to return your bed.

You should also make the most out of your sleep trial periods. During this time, you should determine whether the purchased bed works well for you. If it doesn’t, this is where your information on the return and trial policies comes into play. Since there are brands that include a full refund of your purchases and some that don’t, you should always consider the terms of the bed you’re buying.

Don’t Forget The Delivery

The delivery of your purchased mattress will come last. Here, you should not only look at the delivery costs, but you should also consider the state of your bed upon delivery. When your bed arrives, you should always examine whether there are any tears in the packaging or the mattress. By doing so, you secure that you’re getting a quality mattress and determine your purchase wasn’t tampered with and touched unnecessarily.


Although there are limitations in sensory experience during online shopping, having these seven steps at your disposal will make your shopping fast and convenient – all in the comforts of your home. Likewise, as these tips have covered factors such as your bed, needs, and brand, you prepare for unforeseen factors and ultimately get your hands on a quality bed.

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