Reasons to Wear a Cashmere Scarf This Winter

When the freezing wind begins to blow in winter, people in town are swamping into the shopping mall for more layers of clothing. The heavy jacket, oversized cardigan and down jackets are what you might think about at first. But, it doesn’t have to be bulky and gray when it gets cold. The cashmere scarf, is getting more and more popular for the luxurious warmth and comfort it provides. You can wear this whisper of warmth around your neck while adding lovely layering to your outfit.

For those who are not familiar with cashmere, you may be wondering, ‘what is cashmere?’. Cashmere, is a special kind of wool comes from the under-layer coat of mountain goats. These mountain goats are only found in extreme weather areas like Inner Mongolia, India and Mongolia where winter could get as cold as -40 degrees. The excellent insulation property of this undercoat is why the cashmere is the best at keeping you warm effortlessly.

To help you understand more about cashmere scarf, here we summarize some of the benefits.

1. Cashmere Scarf is Sustainable Fabric

For those who care about the planet, we don’t want to create too much carbon footprint. Most of the clothings are created with pollutions. The way they produce the chemical fabrics, the process they dye the clothing, the overstock they create to promote the quick consuming all have very negative influence to the world. With 100% cashmere scarf, you don’t have to worry about this. The cashmere fiber is our mother’s natural gift. To collect the precious fiber is all by old-school hand combing.

It is the best situation that we encourage more people to use the sustainable cashmere scarf that doesn’t do harm to the planet.

2. 100% Cashmere Scarf is the Choice if You Like the Soft and Luxurious Touch

The cashmere fiber is super fine (1/6 the diameter of the hair) that it totally spoil your neck with exceptional softness. One of customer from Ovcio cashmere scarf comments that ‘the touch from this cashmere scarf is like the baby kitten and even softer’.

In fact, there are many fabrics that can provide warmth in winter but not all of them are as soft as the high-quality cashmere wrap.

3. Cashmere is Breathable Fiber

It might sound like magic but it is true that cashmere scarf keeps you warm in winter and makes you feel cool in summer. This all caused by the special hollow structure of cashmere fiber. The hollow fiber is the reason why cashmere scarf always make you so comfortable without being sweaty.

Of course, wearing polyester scarf will keep you warm as well but you will feel suffocated from time to time.

4. Cashmere Scarf Doesn’t Cause Irritation for Sensitive Skin

If you are prone to get allergy for the chemical fibers, the 100% cashmere scarf is the best choice. Winter is where cold air is around with uncertain allergy cause. We know how hard it is to go through allergies. To significantly reduce the risk of allergy, wear cashmere wrap is a good idea since it is gentle natural fiber. Being super soft and fine, cashmere scarf won’t lead to skin issues.

5. Cashmere Scarf is Wrinkle-Free

For those who want to keep your clothing items tidy and neat, the cashmere scarf is the must-have one because it is wrinkle-free. You can wrap the cashmere scarf casually around you when you are wearing it. And to lay it down flat to give it some rest while you don’t need it then all wrinkles go away by itself.

6. Wide Color Range When it Comes to Cashmere Scarf

The original cashmere fiber comes with three colors: beige, brown and white. To get all other colors, the cashmere fiber will be in the process of plant dying. When it comes to cashmere wrap, don’t limit your imagination about the color combination. There are so many choices that you can always choose the good one that fit your mood and taste.

7. You Will Look Great With Cashmere Scarf

The silk-like draping property of cashmere scarf makes it brilliant when wearing. You will stand out of the crowd when you wear a cashmere scarf. People will notice the amazing quality when they see it.

Due to the fine quality of cashmere wrap, people choose to wear it in the wedding party or to take it as a handy shawl in a relaxed vacation.

There is no doubt that 100% cashmere scarf is not cheap but it will pay off for its quality and long-lasting use. Quality cashmere scarf ages well just like wine red and it gets softer with every wash. Hope you had a chance to wear the cashmere scarf this winter!

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