Play Ground: Having Fun with Leisure Furniture is Another State of Work

With the development of science and technology, a comfortable office environment has become a priority for many job seekers because they gradually realize that working is not just a living, but an essential part of life. As a leading brand of Chinese public space, LightSpace has always been thinking deeply with original thoughts to create a comfortable office space of “work + life” with leisure furniture. Now, let’s see how it can be only practical but also fun and relaxed. 

How Does the Concept Come About?

LightSpace teamed up with space designer Alex to create a unique office environment and exhibition space. Designers find it easy to have negative emotions and high pressure when they work in a disciplined environment. To solve this problem, designers decided to build a “Play Ground” with the theme of “having fun.” They hope to seek for the value and significance of work through the working environment so that everyone can reasonably release the physical and psychological pressure and enjoy work more healthily.

What is “Play Ground”?

“Play Ground” will transform the traditional cubicle to open office, and emphasize more on personal health and comfort in the design of functional areas. For maintaining physical and mental health while working, the working space is also equipped with various functional areas such as coffee area, reading area, sleeping room, fitness area, brainstorming area, independent thinking area, etc. Meanwhile, it is equipped with purified water equipment and air monitoring system to provide healthy water and air for employees.

What Does it Look Like?

In the public area, the office decoration with pubs, waiting areas, restaurants, book bars, outdoor and other public areas, is the symbol of the trendy office in recent years. It not only meets the needs of utility but also reflects the importance of corporate brand and culture. 

In the office area, the efficient and healthy office is essential for employees and enterprises for one third or more of life is full of work. As a space with the office as the theme, functionality is inevitable. The color-changing ceiling light belt connects the open workstation, private workstation, and standing conference room. It seems to be interconnected but independent. It meets the concept of functional composition in limited space and increases the flexibility of the whole space. As a significant working area of employees, the workstation is equipped with intelligent lifting function, which allows employees to switch between sitting office and standing office at will, to reduce the fatigue caused by work.

What’s the Uniqueness

It is worth noting that the office stool chairs are all of the world’s top brands in the office area. Employees can exchange places freely every month to experience the pleasure brought by each high-quality chair. Moreover, workstations, desks, and conference tables are equipped with intelligent lifting functions, which can make employees feel at ease while working. Besides, the most characteristic of the space is that the floor uses the current popular terrazzo with rich texture, which forms a subtle collision with the wood floor and the splicing carpet, creating a more stylish atmosphere for space.

What’s more, it is adopted the most popular health lighting design, “double lighting,” which scatters the direct light of the skylight through the ceiling of the barrier. Through such perfect design, it reduces the damage caused by the light source to the maximum extent by using the natural light. 

LightSpace is committed to public space, lighting space with color. It adheres to the design concept of original thinking and strives to build a Chinese original home furnishing brand with international influence. One of its creative projects is “Play Ground” which is mainly for designers, artists, creative workers, and other talents and enterprises to turn their ideas into reality. In the meantime, it is hoped that cross-border cooperation will bring about different ideological collisions, such as exhibitions, special lectures, salons, and other activities to make office space more understandable.

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