New Year, New Office

The beginning of a year allows us to reflect on the changes we would like to make during the coming months, generally coming from a personal aspect. But that doesn’t restrict the changes going into your business sector, where change can be positive.

Over the last few years, we’ve all learnt a lot about the diversity of a business, how people can adapt and alternate ways to structure an office. As we head into a brighter year (we hope), it’s time to look at the office space and utilise each metre effectively, whilst keeping all members safe.

A new aspect of Social Distancing due to Covid has turned the general office design on its head. As it’s not currently about fitting more desks in and more about 2m spacing, the requirements have changed.

Office design considers many factors. Style, comfort, branding and longevity. All of which are integral to choosing the right furniture, colours and layout.

The big question is how can you revamp the office, which areas should you pay attention to and what office procedures could be re-evaluated?

Break Areas

Down time in the office is nearly as important as working. Break zones and lunch areas need the right design to allow staff to relax and recharge, therefore continuing the afternoon with a fresh mind.

Seating, sofa’s and office screens should be available but styled in different ways. Design areas where you can communicate but also those singular areas for personal alone time.


A lot of businesses admit to having meetings which could have easily been a longer email or a quick catch up.

In some instances, attending meetings can take all day or a full afternoon, when really you could be in the office being more productive. Make the change in 2022 to consider the meetings you’re booking in, if time can be saved and how you can use precious work time more effectively.

Adjustable Desks and Seating

General work days are 8+ hours a day. That’s a full day of being in the same seat for more or less the entire day.

Comfort and wellbeing are at the top of the list when it comes to workplace design. Keeping health in mind, adjustable desks have been a welcomed option and have been proven to burn more calories and keep the blood flowing.

Adjustable desks promote the standing desk option and can be elevated to a height where you can stand and work away as normal.

But when you need a rest or would prefer a seated position, you simply lower the desk and take your seat.

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