Mixing it Up – How to a Create a Unique Style with Picture Frames

Hanging frames on empty walls at home is the best way to add a touch of personality to your home and enhance the beauty of your look, according to Frames.co.uk. There are numerous ways to create a unique style with prints, pictures, and frames on your walls. Here are some of the ideas you must try to make a real statement…

Lean frames

Though hanging frames is a more common approach, leaning art is also gaining popularity. If you have flat surfaces in your home, you can utilize them by arranging a variety of leaning frames on them. The good thing about leaning frames is that you can place them on a surface without damaging your walls.

You can also try different styles of leaning art in one place.

Mix different styles

Most of the time, people use frames of the same style to decorate their walls. We would recommend that you try different styles of frame to give a unique and modern look to your wall. Frames of different sizes and styles look good when they are of the same colour, as it shows a little cohesiveness. Besides frames, you can mix the frames with other items like a mirror, fabric, etc., to break up the wall and create a unique and effective display.

Try supersized prints

If your home has a contemporary look, you should try large-sized prints and frames on your empty walls. A more stylized image will create a great impact. Try a classic black and white supersized print for best effect.

Take space into account

Frame sizes and shapes are important factors you must consider while displaying groups of frames on your wall. Besides that, you need to make sure they are suitable for the available wall space. They should not look too scattered or congested. Frames displayed at a distance of 8cm look disconnected. So carefully hang them while taking space into account.

Consider other accessories

You can create a distinct look by considering other accessories. If the wall paint is black, you should try white frames on it. They will look more prominent and eye-catching. You can also display white lamps beside the frames. This will enhance the overall beauty of your wall.

Hang single shots off-centre

When you have a group of photographs, they often look good in the centre of the wall. On the other hand, if you have a single frame, it will look much better when displayed off-centre.

Set a theme

Creating a theme by using frames of the same style and colour will make them stand out and look their best. If you like personalising, you can try to create a unique theme that represents you and your style. Display black and white images on a black wall to create a classic theme,or mix them with bright-coloured photographs to create a unique theme of your own.

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