Luggage Wheels: Making A Better-Informed Choice When Shopping Luggage

luggage wheels

Choosing a luggage of choice means more than just picking the one that best appeals to you. A lot more considerations go into this, among which we have the size, type of material, handle build, and of course, the luggage wheels. In fact, the wheels are one of the things you should give a lot of consideration to if you really want to enjoy that journey.

Now that you know yet another place to look, let’s get into the things you should be on the lookout for.


The material of make does a lot to determine how durable and efficient the luggage wheels will be. The most common materials found around today are plastic and rubber.

While there are also those made of a hybrid combination of two or more materials, we especially love the option provided by polyurethane. This is due to the sturdiness of the material, and its tendency to wear down less fast than either of rubber or plastic too.

Ease of maneuvering

You want a suitcase that can be trudged along in empty streets as well as crowdy walkways too. You will also benefit from a suitcase that cannot only be pulled behind but dragged alongside you, in addition to being pushed in front of you.

All of these point to spinner wheels which get the job done so well. What we love about spinner wheels again is that they are fitted on the outside of the suitcase, so they don’t take up important storage space.


On closer inspection, you can observe that suitcase wheels are not fastened the same way. While some are held down by screws, others go the way of rivets instead. Of these, we prefer to go for the luggage wheels that have been fastened with screws.

Not only are they better secured and hold stronger, they are also easily replaceable than their riveted counterparts. This makes it possible to use your luggage for longer should the wheel break off, rather than having to get a new one entirely.

Pro Tip: We especially love how the Corner Wheel 8001 handles itself. Coming in different shapes and sizes, and with a strong build to match, it is one replacement wheel you always want to have on you for emergencies.

Wheel Protection

Manufacturers should be proactive about keeping your investment safe – so they should be the first ones to make moves in making sure your luggage wheels are well protected. We will advise that you go for full corner protection, but you can satisfy that for a luggage with partial protection if it brings additional features you want.

In any case, never subscribe to a luggage that doesn’t have any wheel protection at all.


That might sound like a lot, but they are things you can take into consideration in the first few seconds of appraising a new luggage. Next time you are out shopping, never forget to look for the above.

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