LED Grow Light Guide – What to Look For Before Purchase

LED growing light

There are so many brands of LED Grow lights in the market and it can get confusing when you try to make a buying decision. LED Grow lights are expensive, so you do not want to make a mistake and buy just any old brand that may not offer the expected value you expect.

We thought we would provide some tips for you to consider when shopping for your next LED Grow light online, or in a physical store.

Identify the Light Spectrum You Need

The first thing you should consider is the plants that you want to grow. What type of light spectrum will the plant need to thrive in your indoor garden? If you can identify the right light spectrum, the chances of making the best decision when buying your LED Grow light will be higher.

You can find more information about the light spectrum needed by the plants you want to grow online. Chances are that someone has grown those plants before and posted the information, so do a search to find the information you need.

However, most plants require a full light spectrum to grow well, so you can consider LED Grow lights that produce a full light spectrum which must include green light.

The Credibility of the Brand

How credible is the brand of LED Grow light you are interested in? Make sure you take the time to read and research the feedback for the brand. The information from different reviews can help you gauge the level of satisfaction of current owners of that brand. Look out for feedback that indicates there are users who have had indoor grow lights for many years and see if they still work as expected. Reviews can reveal all the information you need, if they are mostly negative, you should consider another brand of LED Grow Light.

What are the Specifications?

The specification of your indoor growing light you buy should match your growth plan. For example, the output should be in the range needed by the plants you need to grow. We would also recommend that you check the specifications such as the watts and maintenance recommendations. How easily can you use its functions? Many LED Grow lights have a simple design, so try to avoid any product that seems too complex regarding functions and operation.

Compare Prices

If you can identify two or three brands of LED Grow lights that seem credible, the next stage is to compare their prices. It is a great idea to buy a good product at a reasonable price. Buy the brand that offers a good deal, but also has the technical specifications you require.

Your efforts will pay off when you can create the best conditions to support the growth of your plants indoors, to allow them to reach their full potential. Remember these tips and don’t be in a hurry when shopping for an LED Grow light.

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