JIANGXIAOBAI’s P100 – The Party in Your Pocket

JIANGXIAOBAI, over the last couple of years, has slowly crystallised as a serious competitor in the Chinese baijiu market. Success at home now needs to be exported abroad. In the domestic market of China, JIANGXIAOBAI is mainly known for its creative marketing, but the company’s innovation in spirit production should not be overlooked. Earlier this year, P100 pure sorghum spirit, as part of the PURE series, had been released in the market. Today, let’s try this baijiu product, and see, if it can hold merit.

General Impression

The 100ml bottle for international consumption contains JIANGXIAOBAI 100% sorghum. JIANGXIAOBAI makes uses of a smooth, light, and pure formula. Design inspiration for the packaging has been drawn from minimalist aesthetics.

Upgrade of S100

P100 is actually a product upgrade from classic S100, the very first bestselling spirit product from JIANGXIAOBAI. The old series of S100 comes with a light and elegant aroma. Soft, sweet and smooth are adjectives to describe the liquor. Well-balanced scent and bright and refreshing aftertaste characterize the drinking experience. P100 comes with a slightly adjusted flavor profile, mainly to suit it better for use in mixology.


P100 is made from water and sorghum. The distillery is located in the Jiangjin District of Chongqing, China. The region is well known for its liquor brewing history, and the resources are of high quality. The Yangtze River flows by the distillery, providing the purified water for liquor production. Climate and soil of the area are beneficial to the growth of sorghum, making sure that the quality of the materials is of the highest standard.



P100 belongs to the light-aroma category of baijius. It contains notes of apple, as well as tones of fresh grass, as well as almond. Delicious on the nose! Then there’s the taste. Feel the silky texture, coating and going down your throat.

Customer Experience

The 100 ml bottle is small enough to be held firmly in one hand. White and blue colors give the package a clear and clean appearance. P100 is the perfect companion for a fun night out with your friends, small enough for your pocket, light enough to be carried with you.



P100 has won many awards, such as the 2019 IWSC Medal and the HKIWSC Medal.

This is our short review of JIANGXIAOBAI’s P100. If you would like to try this Chinese spirit for yourself, please visit: https://www.jiangjidistillery.com/.

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