Instagram Search: The Guide to Exploiting its Potential

Instagram on a smartphone

Beyond posting photos/videos on your Instagram account, it is often necessary to learn about social network trends, and the search engine will be an excellent asset in this context. Throughout this article, we will suggest methods for you to exploit the potential of research in order to develop an awareness of your account and detect potential influencers who are partners of your brand.

Choose Your Post Times

Post at times when your audience is most active. It is generally at these times that Instagram users carry out research. Switch your Instagram account to a Business account, if you haven’t already done so, and consult the “Instagram Insights” tab to find out the preferred time slots.

Use Instagram Search to Boost Your Visibility

By appearing in search results, you introduce your brand to a new target. It’s a perfect way to increase engagement (Instagram likes, share, and comments) on your posts and recruit new followers.

Indexing in the Best Posts

Creating quality and relevant content allows you to generate engagement. However, the more reactions your post gets, the more likely you are to find yourself in the “Best posts” section, located at the top of the results.

Share a Live Video

Instagram relies on the number of viewers, the engagement generated, and where users are located to display live videos.

Offer a Q&A session, interviews, present behind the scenes of an event, or your business. In short, find live ideas to make your community. You will appear more easily on the Instagram search home page.

Use Instagram Search to Find the Best Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to a post increases their engagement rate. Here are two methods to apply:

  • Research results

When you enter a word in the search bar, select “Hashtags.” Instagram displays a list of hashtags related to the entered term, as well as the number of posts using this hashtag.

This allows you to come up with new ideas, sometimes more successful than your starting keyword.

  • Related hashtags

When you validate a search, Instagram suggests hashtags that are close to the topic that interests you. For example, for #beauty, the social network then suggests #beautyproducts #health&beauty, #beautyroutine.

Check them out, check their popularity, and how often they are used. If they are popular, add them to your future posts.

Use Instagram Search to Find Influencers

Influencers have a positive effect on consumer behavior. In fact, 82% of them are inclined to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer, against 73% if the recommendation comes from an average person.

Here are some ways to find influencers through Instagram search:

  • Search for a profile

In the search bar, select the “Users” category and search for profiles using keywords related to your activity or your values.

Let’s keep “beauty” as a keyword; here are the profiles offered by Instagram. You see that Instagram customizes search results based on the profiles you follow.

  • Find followers

Some of your followers may be influencers. Check their profile to find out the number of people following them. If you have a few followers, you can go to the profile of each of them.

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