How to Recharge a Box Air Bar

A lot of the disposable vapes include one-time use batteries. These are not really designed to be recharged, and are causing environmental damage, but ingenious vape users are figuring out ways to keep using the batteries in their disposable vapes.

The Box Air Bar is not meant to be rechargeable, but where there is a battery, there is probably a way to boost the charge again and get it working once more. If you don’t have a problem with busting open your Box Air Bar, then you can try this battery recharging hack. Of course, once you have used up all the charge, all you can normally do is toss the vape. If you know how to recharge it, though, you can continue to use it, says

Pop It Open

You will need to get the cover off first. There are different methods you can use, but one of the simplest is to take a pair of pliers and squeeze the mouthpiece at the top of the vape and pull the cover off. It will take some force, so you may not get it off the first time you pull at it.

Then you can use your pliers to push down the black battery pack toward the bottom, forcing the bottom cover to come off.

Prepare the Wires

Next, you will have to remove the wire covers on the ends. These are black and red sticky pads. Just peel them back to expose the wires underneath.

You will need a prepared charger as well. You can use just about any kind of phone or tablet charger for this. You will need to work from the connector end and snip off that connector, exposing the wires underneath. There should be a red one and a black one. Take the edges off the wires so you can see the metal parts underneath.

Hook It Up

You can then press the red wire to the red connector on the vape battery and the black wire to the black connector. You won’t be hooking anything up but rather just holding the exposed wires up against the ends of the battery. Make sure the exposed wires are not frayed, straightening them out if you need to. Hold them in place for about 20 seconds.

Assemble the Box Air Bar

Finally, you will need to put everything back in place. Cover back the ends of the battery with the sticky pads and place the innards back into the Air Box shell. Make sure everything is secure and looks like it did before you took the device apart.

The low charge time will give you a few more puffs. You can charge it for longer, but there is increased risk since some heat is generated as you charge this way.

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