How To Keep Safe At Your Next Exhibition

At the end of 2021, a selection of exhibitions have had the good fortune of being able to go ahead. As the year ends, less cancellations due to COVID-19 have been seen and it’s been refreshing to have the exhibition and event halls open again.

What we can’t ignore, is that exhibitions thrive from busy crowds and the bringing together of people & businesses from similar sectors. COVID-19 isn’t a fan of groups and for safety and well being reasons, the less people that come into the contact the better.

If you’re exhibiting or attending an event as a visitor, how can you keep safe and what measures should you see in place?

Face Coverings

Never did we believe we’d be in a position to be wearing masks or face coverings but here we are! Studies have shown face masks can reduce up to 80% of droplets being dispersed into the air, and up to 50% of them being inhaled.

Face masks have become mandatory for a reason and within a busy exhibition space, you’ll be able to take as many precautions as possible.

Social Distancing

Keeping 2m apart is a distance we have now become comfortable with, but can this be possible inside a large venue?

Social distancing screens such as acrylic and laminate panels are being used to create a safe queuing system and to control large crowds of people. In addition, floor stickers and over head notices will provide constant reminders of the rules that are in place and what should be adhered too.


By this point in the year, a large majority have been double vaccinated and most on the way to the booster jab. Larger venues are requesting proof of vaccinations and ensuring the room you are in, has vaccinated individuals to limit the spread or catching of COVID-19.


Being out and about outside the house has prompted us to take anti-bacterial gel and wipes for those times we touch a shared surface.

The same goes for an exhibition hall, you’ll see sanitising stations through the hall so you’re able to keep on top of your hand cleanliness.

When you can, washing your hands with soap and water would be advised.

Time slots

Whilst planning the events you would like to attend, it’s worthwhile checking out their booking options.

Some venues are limiting the number of visitors that will attend at one time. It may be possible to book a set time slot for a visiting window. An ideal solution for both you and the venue.

Use your NHS app

On arrival, you should be prompted to use the NHS track and trace app and log in via a QR code. By doing so, in the unfortunate event the case arises, you’ll be ‘pinged’ by the app.

Checking into the venue will ensure you are notified if you have been near an individual with COVID-19. This will allow you to take the appropriate actions and complete a test at home.

Like most industries, the hope is that normal rules will return but until that point it’s incredibly important that we’re all able to look after ourselves and those around us by following the current guidelines.

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