How To Keep Email Inbox Under Control In 2019

Email Inbox tips

Are you facing problems due to the overload of your email inbox? Well, in 2019, it has become a huge problem for many people. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you how to keep your email inbox under control without much effort.

1. Take Action After Reading An Email

Keeping email inbox under control would not be so difficult if you do a small thing after going through your incoming messages. If you see that email is not really important you can simply archive it. Archived emails are also known as mute mails. After archiving the email, the label changes from ‘Inbox’ to ‘All Mail’. Consequently, it goes from your ‘Inbox’ section and moves to ‘All Mail’. The message disappears without being deleted and if someone replies to it, it automatically comes back to your ‘Inbox’ section. So, no need to worry, just start doing this and keep your email inbox organized.

2. Utilize Starred Label Effectively

According to research, frequently checking emails can reduce productivity. Therefore, you shouldn’t check mails as soon as they appear in your inbox. Effective usage of “Starred” label can help you to control your email inbox. All you need to do is to check the subject line and sender’s name. After reviewing these things if you think that the email is important and you need to take action on it, just click on the ‘star’ option attached to every message and it will get a ‘starred’ label. Isn’t it simple? Moreover, you don’t need to worry if you have cluttered inbox. After doing this step, you don’t need to look for important emails through all your inbox. You just click on ‘Starred’ label and you have access to them immediately.

3. Don’t Let Spam Clutter Your Inbox

In order to keep the email inbox under control, you should know how to get rid of spam messages. Although most email providers come with spam filters, you cannot deny the fact that your email inbox is filled with unwanted emails. However, there are some ways to sort out this problem. At first, read the subject line and sender’s name and if you think these emails are needless, then just move them to ‘Trash’ folder. Secondly, if you are getting unwanted emails from different senders day after day, you just need to unsubscribe from newsletters and marketing promotions you no longer need. If you follow these two steps it will be easier for you to clean your email inbox.

4. Deal With Less Important Emails Strategically

Along with important emails, you have a large number of notifications from various sources, for example, from banks regarding your credit card bills or the shipping details of your products. All these emails clutter your inbox and it takes you more time to find the important ones. As you cannot completely ignore them you’d better have more than one email address for less important emails. You can simply give your alternative email address to the banks or other less important websites so that your primary email inbox can remain tidy. By following this simple email management method, you will have an organized mailbox that you can easily keep under control.

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