How to Install a Touch Screen Car Stereo

touch screen car stereo in a car

When you purchased your car, did it have the most up to date stereo system in it? if it was the best model back then, is it still now? Car stereo technology continually evolves and updates. There is no reason why you should still be using the stereo that came with your car.

Those stereo interfaces are stock and are not optimized for your music or entertainment needs. They are usually the cheapest installation the company can get for a specific price point. Buying a brand new touch screen car stereo is a reasonable upgrade that is relatively easy to do. 

In this article, we will talk about how to install touch screen car stereo. Do not worry. Following few steps, you should be able to solve the problem pretty quickly as long as you are a little handy.

About Touch Screen Car Stereo

The modern car stereo screen is significantly improving on the interface of older cars by allowing everything to be in one place. From the elegant and simple design to the smart add-ons, a touch screen car stereo is not an ordinary car audio player. 

You can easily access all your favorite kinds of entertainment, climate control, and Bluetooth connections from one screen. You can even hook up cameras to the touch screen to access your backup or forward-looking cameras. Everything is under your control, just one touch away.

Touch Screen Car Stereo Installation

Installing a new touch screen car stereo is all about the prep work. First of all, you should consider which type of touch screen car stereo is most suitable for your vehicle. The choice should be made thinking about compatibility, product specifics, and the design matching with your car interiors.

The second step is to disconnect all of the original unit wires. Although this may seem easy, it can be tricky at times. Proceed to unscrew any set screws or bolts that secure the fairing to remove the dashboard pieces. Release the set of screw adhering to the old car radio and pull out the head unit itself.

The third step is to disconnect the colored wires behind the radio. Carefully separate the wiring that connects the radio to the car. Following, disconnect the radio’s antenna connection and put aside the old radio.

At last, you can connect the antenna cable to the new head unit. Try turning on the car to make sure everything is working correctly. At this point, you should tighten all the new radio screws and connect the audio/virtual cable to the touch screen monitor, assemble back the head unit and the dashboard.

Here you go. You have just successfully installed your amazing new touch screen car stereo. If, for some reason, the radio is not turning on, one of the possible reasons is connectivity. To solve this issue, you can try by removing the radio and check all the connections.


Upgrading to a touch screen car stereo is a significant improvement from an analog device. Recently we have heard much positive feedback about Opuradio touch screen car stereos.

Its devices are receiving high praises because of their compatibility with all mainstream and new car brands. Besides, they give easy access to all of your car’s major features and technologies, including Bluetooth devices, car cameras, entertainment, and climate control. To top it all, you have also integrated GPS navigation to quickly reach your destination.

When purchasing a new touch screen car stereo, you need to make sure that you are buying from reliable sources. Opuradio has some of the most technologically advanced touch screens on the market for car systems. Founded in 2008, the company is the biggest of the world’s wholesales suppliers for OEM car audio parts.

If you are looking for a new touch screen car radio, Opuradio can provide you with the professional advice you need.

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