Four Personality Types All Managers Must Understand

different personality types

The best teams in the workplace are led by managers who understand the personalities of their workforce.

Managers who understand the different personality types can identify the traits in team members and help them to become more productive by recommending virtual coaching methods targeted at improving personal skills.

We all have innate skills and proficiencies that can be enhanced by virtual training and leveraged to increase productivity. Independently, these skills may not be efficient. But in a team, people with special skillsets can be more productive if their skills are complemented by the proficiencies of other team members.

Managers can effectively delegate tasks and match team members to work together when the manager knows their personality types.

The following are four personality types that all managers must understand…


Every team needs someone who has a dominant trait. These are people who are not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve the identified goals. Team members who have a dominant trait are always ready to be the first to get started on tasks. They bring in the positivity that can inspire and motivate other members of the team.

A manager who can identify the team members with dominant traits should be able to leverage the individual trait for the benefit of the team.

Analytical Mind-Set

There are others who would like to have some time to ponder situations carefully before making a decision. The team members with analytical minds are also essential in moving the project forward. They spot risks and potential errors through their analytical approach.

Managers who understand the analytical personality type can delegate tasks to individuals with this trait to help them contribute more to the team.

Supportive Personality

They are always ready to help team leaders implement concepts and solutions. The individuals with this personality type are creative. They think quickly to develop solutions based on the data presented to them.

Managers need support from the team members identified above to help team leaders and analytical thinkers implement winning strategies. For this set of people, it is important that the manager ensures they get accurate details and instructions to work with during project execution.

Friendly Nature

There are those employees who are friendly and always ready to please everyone. This group of employees is happy to be part of the team. They will put in their best for the team.

Managers should be able to regularly reassure employees who possess this personality that they are noticed and appreciated.

The best way to determine which employees have the personality traits described above is by doing a DiSC Psychometric assessment.

The DiSC psychometric assessment can be used to reveal information about employees that managers should use to make better decisions, according to

With the information gathered, it will be easier for managers to identify the best team training methods to enhance personal skills of their team members who are working remotely. And, if necessary, team training over Zoom can be organised to help the employees learn how to overcome challenges that threaten their productivity.

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