Four Features That You Should Have to Recover Deleted Files

Storage media is getting more reliable and faster than it’s ever been. Many computers are already using high performance NVMe SSD as their primary storage unit. However, it doesn’t mean that we are immune to data loss problems. One big problem is human error. Many of us don’t like to see our hard drives or SSDs being overloaded by files that we longer need. They waste available space and may make our drives slower. However, it is easy to make a mistake if we delete irreplaceable photo or important document. That’s because we hit the Delete button and scrub the Recycle Bin clean. When it happens, it is certainly an infuriating situation.

using a data recovery tool for deleted data

You need to use a proper tool to recover deleted files. A good data recovery software is one thing that we should always have in our computer. If you are looking to recover deleted files, here are features that you should get:

  1. Straightforward interface: Certain data recovery software has less than intuitive interface, making it longer and harder to complete a simple task. The graphical user interface or GUI should make it easier to recover deleted files. The software may also have the command-line version to allow you type in versatile commands.
  2. Drive analysis tool: The data recovery software should have a collective tool to analyse both physical and logical disks. A good analysis result will make it easier to recover any deleted file. An analysis tool may seem like an overkill for a casual use. However, it is useful in any business and law enforcement situation. It will be possible to figure out why data could get lost. This will ensure that you won’t lose data the same way again. As an example, the tool could determine the overall condition of your storage media. If the read and write operations have nearly reached the recommended level by the manufacturer, it means that you need to replace the hard drive or SSD soon, so you won’t lose files due to failing storage. It’s much cheaper to replace a 2GB hard drive than losing so much critical data in it.
  3. Wizard: A wizard interface provides users with straightforward and guided workflow to recover deleted files. This is an important feature if users lack the technical knowledge on how to scan storage media and recover deleted files. Step-by-step instructions will be very easy to follow. A data recovery software with a wizard feature is suitable for personal and business uses.
  4. Recover email messages: Recovering individual files is quite straightforward, because they can be singled out easily. However, recovering email messages and their attachments could be tricky. Email messages often contain crucial information that you can’t afford to lose and their attachments can be even more important. Outlook is the most commonly used email client and your data recovery software should be able to recover any Outlook message, along with its attachment.

EaseUS Data Recovery software has excellent ability to recover deleted files regardless of the cause. It comes with comprehensive features to help you quickly recover deleted files.

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