Find Your Celebrity Lookalike with an AI-Based App


I was telling a friend the other day that this is a great time to be alive! We are witnessing the amazing inventions that have been achieved with Artificial Intelligence. AI has been used in the commercial and private sectors to improve the quality of our lives, and in the next few years, AI advancements could move beyond our wildest expectations. The impact of AI can be felt in many aspects of our lives, and the services that have been developed are now a part of our daily routine.

Artificial Intelligence has also been crucial to the development of the transportation and healthcare sector. It has also changed the way we search for jobs.

While AI has many important uses that can change the way we live, these innovative technologies are also used to create basic fun apps.

For example, online tools such as Google search, and smart assistants such as Siri all function with Artificial Intelligence. We also have entertainment programs such as Netflix and Spotify that so many people use daily.

Another fantastic innovation that has been achieved with AI is the development of neural networks.

The neural networks are computing systems that are programmed to learn through a trial and error experience. The neural networks advance through a process similar to the way a young child learns about the world around them. First, the child learns to identify images first, then the child can recognize particular images over time.

A good example is the ability of the child to identify the picture of a dog, among other pictures, after previous exposure to the photograph. This is how the neural networks function.

The system can perform actions such as generalisations, modelling, classification, and making predictions. These are features that make the neural networks excellent for developing trivial systems such as games and email filtering programs.

Neural networks are also applied in the development of complex systems used in finance, vehicle controls, and radar systems and for medical diagnosis.

Neural Networks in Modern Facial Recognition Technology

Neural networks have been used in the development of modern facial recognition technology. This is possible because the network processes vast amounts of input data related to character recognition and image processing.

Developers have found ways to apply the neural networks in the creation of smart apps. For example, there are mobile apps that can alter the appearance of a user with filters, or find a celebrity lookalike.

The service described above is available on – the app can reveal which celebrity you look like, or you can see how your facial features will look if you were the opposite gender. The app works with an advanced program that features privacy controls. It is important to note that all photographs are deleted after viewing.

Apps such as the type described above prove that neural networks are practical and can be further harnessed to achieve more uses


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