Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing


Email marketing has been around for a very time, and remains one of the most effective methods of marketing and communicating with your leads and converting them into loyal customers when compared with other available marketing channels.

Regardless of the rise and popularity of social media, email marketing remains the most effective method of generating leads, nurturing them, and increasing customer loyalty. As long as you verify email addresses on your email list to limit bounce rates and increase deliverability, it is guaranteed that you will see an increase in your sender’s reputation and the effectiveness of your emails.

At least, 99% of shoppers check their emails every day compared to other communication channels which makes it the top communication channel. Emails also convert better, considering that email marketing has an RoI of 4400%, and just to show that email marketing generates more conversion, the order value of emails on the average is 3x higher than other communication channels like social media. Emails are 40 times more effective than the combination of Twitter and Facebook in generating leads. 

Automating your email outreach has the potential of engaging many customers, increase the efficiency of your operations, and even save precious time which will aid the growth of sales and revenue.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of emails for the promotion of a brand or products or services. When someone signs up through an opt-in form on your website, you send them emails that are relevant to the position of your lead in the consumer value journey. Emails having personalized subject lines has a 26% increase in open rates and according to Experian, emails with emojis in the subject line have a 56% open rate higher than text subject lines.

Tips for Creating an Email

Develop an Email Template

When considering email marketing, the design of your email template can determine the relationship that will exist between you and your customers. 65% of your recipients would love to read a beautifully designed email while about 80% would even send your email to the trash if your email does not appear great on their device.

Having an email template will also help to save a lot of time by simply integrating your email into an already tested, approved, and effectively designed email template that can be used for every new campaign.

Personalize Your Content

Personalized contents are always outstanding within the inbox as totally relevant, tailor-made email content. Personalized email content improves the experiences customers have with your brand by sending them relevant content when needed. Personalized content also increases the possibility that your email will be clicked which will boost engagements to your website, and more sales.

As a matter of fact, 66% of marketers that personalize their contents experience a 6 times increase in transaction rates. According to Statista, the open rate for emails with personalized contents is 18.8%, in contrast with 13.1% for standard email contents without personalization.

Segment Your List

It is important to segment your email list to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns as your newsletters will focus more on the interests of your subscribers. The more your email content is relevant to the interests of your readers, the more it will engage with them. Therefore, you can increase the relevance of your email by splitting your list based on specific audiences.

Segmenting your email list can also help you determine the right amount of email to send as sending too many or too few emails can make you scare off or miss out on opportunities that could engage your list and generate sales. Email segmentation helps to increase your marketing RoI and pushes your audience further down the funnel. You can segment your email list based on the level of engagement, purchase history, location, website activity, and email metrics.

A/B Test Your Content

Testing your email involves sending variations of emails to a specific subset of your subscribers in order to determine the variation of your email content that will generate the best outcomes. A basic example is by sending a specific type of subject line to test which generates more rate of opens. Other tests could involve the effectiveness of a different type of email templates 

A/B testing your email content is an excellent method of increasing the click-through and open rates of your emails. According to HubSpot, after performing a test on the impact of a personalized sender name, they discovered a 0.53% increase in open rates and a 0.23% increase in click through rates.

You can employ email marketing tools to perform tests of any area of your email campaign such as subject lines, email length, email content, images, visuals, tone, call to action button, button vs text, and so on.

Determine and Adjust Your Email KPIs

There are four critical elements that should be identified when determining how effective your email campaign is.

 Open rate

This is the percentage of people that open your email on getting to their inbox.

Click-through rate

CTR is the percentage of individuals that click on your links and call to action buttons.


This is the rate at which emails reach the inbox of specific subscribers.


This is the number of individuals that unsubscribe from your email list after receiving an email from you.

With A/B testing on each of these KPIs, you can easily make modifications and tweaks that will improve the effectiveness of your email campaign.

Final Thoughts 

Although there are many other tips that can be used to improve the effectiveness of your email outreach, the most important tip is to keep in mind that your subscribers loved to be treated as humans. This tip can help you achieve the required success in every aspect of your email copy when writing the subject line, in your lead magnets and autoresponders.

Also, don’t forget to provide valuable content that will engage your subscribers and they will always look forward to hearing from you and opening your email.

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